DIY Project For the Home A Wall Hutch

DIY Wall Hutch for the Living Room

DIY Project for home an Industrial Wall Hutch

DIY Wood Project that can be done in one weekend.


I have such a surprise for you. I found a picture and instantly fell in love with a wall hutch that was in it.

So after looking at it repeatedly, I finally bought the lumber and "G" and I made our version of it.

This is my inspiration piece below.


Mine is going to have a modern industrial feel to it. So let's get started!

Now everyone has their own way of making a wooden box. So for the purpose of time, I am going to simply say our box or "hutch" is sized to fit above our couch. The rectangle measures 8' x 4'-5" tall. 

The material list:

  • Grade A Pine Lumber - For the outer portions only. Top, bottom & sides. (1"x6"x8')
  • Grade B Pine lumber (1"x6"x8') For the shelves & shelving support
  • Kreg pocket hole jig
  • kreg pocket hole plugs
  • kreg pocket screws
  • pallet banding
  • furniture tacks
  • chestnut gel stain
  • belt sander
  • hole punch
  • dremel
  • sand paper
  • pine button tops
  • clamps (various sizes)
  • 4-1/2" x 10' pine crown molding

Cost for this DIY project:   $83.00
Disclaimer: The pallet banding, sand paper and tools we already had on hand. The $$ was for all the lumber, screws, stain, wooden plugs, furniture tacks, crown molding and wood buttons.  

Tip #1 - pick your crown molding first. The type of wood for the molding will dictate what 1"x6"'s to buy. Pine is cheap, and I found 4-1/2" crown molding that I liked. Oak molding and lumber would have doubled the cost for this diy project.

I am not going to bore you with a step by step on how "G" made me a huge rectangle box. This post is already "long" on pictures and we haven't even hung it up yet!

DIY Weekend project for the Home

Blitz - Job Foreman. Responsible for safety, water breaks and kisses.

Black and WhIte German Shephard

Once the rectangle was built, I got to decide on shelf width and how many.

Fast & Easy DIY Projects for the Living Room

DIY - Kreg pocket screw joints

Below you can see we added a 1"x2"x8' scrap piece of pine. This is going to be where we screw it into the wall studs.

I want this baby to be secured to the wall!

So there is a second one on the bottom shelf also.

DIY Pine Lumber projects for the Home

DIY Project for the Living Room - costs less than 100 bucks

DIY Projects for the weekend warrior

Since these screw holes are visible, we bought "Kreg Pocket Hole Plugs" to insert inside them to cover the screws.

How to use Kreg Pocket hole plugs

Weekend warrior diy projects

We didn't bother to read any instructions on these, we assumed it was fairly straight forward.

Insert plug and sand down. But "G" used his belt sander first, then we inserted them. The final sanding will happen right before I stain it.

The belt sander made it quick, we had all 50 sanded down in less than 20 minutes

DIY Project - Wood plugs to cover screw holes

Next it was measuring out where to put the wood buttons on the outer right and left side of the hutch.

Note, we forgot to take in account the crown molding, so the "top" buttons ended up being removed. Oh well, lesson learned.

"G" spaced the buttons 1-1/2" off the face and back.

DIY Wood Project for the Home

Using a spade drill bit he drilled small round pocket holes, and we glued the buttons in each hole.

DIY Project adding wood buttons

DIY Project - How to add that personal touch to your home by making it yourself

At 8' long we knew that "sagging" in the middle would be an issue. Especially since we chose 1"x6" lumber. So we added some pine support.

I chose to offset it. So it is not perfectly centered.

DIY Projects for the home

Time for crown molding. Let me say this; if it were up to me to cut, miter and nail crown molding?

I'd be broke and homeless and there would be dead carcasses of crown molding all over the state of Indiana.

DIY Project - Project that can be done in a weekend and for less than 100 dollars

and I think he did a superb job!

DIY Projects for the home

DIY Projects for the home

Time to stain!

DIY Project that costs less then 100 dollars

For this project, I wanted a rich barn brown color.

And I got it!
This is the first time I have ever used gel stain, and would probably buy it again. 

Tip #2 the gel stain says wait 3 minutes before wiping it off. We did this outside on a 78 degree day and 3 minutes was too long. There are a couple of spots where the stain got so sticky, it was glueing the paper towel to the wood. So we sanded the areas that I felt were too dark, after 8 hours of dry time.

Using chestnut stain on pine wood

Quick and easy diy project for under 100 dollars

For the shelf support and shelving we used the Grade B lumber. I wanted knots and character for this piece.

But not on the perimeter.

SImple and easy diy project for under 100 dollars

Tip #3
Don't make any cuts where there is a knot in the wood. It will split right in half.

A couple of the grade B pieces I bought had knots on the outer edges. I had a vision.

The Best and Fastest  DIY Project for the Living Room

Pallet Banding

Pallet banding (for those unfamiliar with it) is thin metal strapping used to ship heavy objects. Like engines, mufflers, furniture.

"G" scrounged this on his travels, but you could find it to buy on the internet. It's lightweight, and can be cut more easily than steel flat bar. I am going to combine this metal banding with furniture tacks to add that industrial modern touch.

The Best DIY Projects for the Living Room, Bedroom or Dining Room

Using a belt sander (but normal muscle and sandpaper would take the black coating off as well) "G" sanded off the black color, leaving a nice patina.

It can be sanded to a solid grey steel, but I liked the patina.

The Best DIY Project Ever!

creative diy projects that can be done fast

how to build modern furniture

I had a pack of brass furniture tacks and started playing with one to see if I'd like brass or if another color would be better.

Furniture tacks can be bought at any local home improvement store. 

how to add drama to a furniture piece

I wasn't sure if the patina finish and brass was working, so "G" sanded the other side and took off all the black.

cheap and easy diy wood project

Nope. It didn't say Industrial to me. Especially since the name of those tacks was "Daisy Brass". So off to the store I went.

I bought silver ones.

restoration hardware furniture copycat

"G" asked me before I left about how far apart I wanted the tacks spaced. 

5" apart off the center is what we both liked. By the time I got back home, he had all the holes drilled into the metal banding for the tacks.

How to add an industrial  touch to furniture

We're doing two bands at the top and one at the bottom.

how make an industrial furniture piece

Hammering the tacks in made me nervous. Because the crown molding didn't have a large nailing area. It's secure, it's just not a great place to pound with a hammer. 

Using clamps to hold the metal banding in place, he used a different clamp to push the tack into the wood.

No hammering needed!

And each one went in perfectly straight!

simple and easy furniture building

do it yourself furniture project

Mitering crown molding

weekend diy wood project

Here he is below, using a large clamp and squeezing the clamp closed, to push the tack into the wood.

how to make a hutch diy project in one weekend

how to make a hutch diy project

And here it is with 2 rows of metal at the top.

Industrial furniture you can make yourself

Stay tuned for part 2. Finishing the bottom and hanging it up in the Living Room.

Industrial wall hutch do it yourself project


DIY Project for the home a Wall hutch for storage

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