Fall Vignette in the Kitchen

Neutral colored Fall Decor

Fall decorating is happening around my home for 2016.

If you are one of those people like my hubby Greg who gets irritated because stores have Fall stuff out now?

Then you may want to skip this post.

Because it's my opinion that department stores put their seasonal stuff out early because of people like me.

Neutral colored Fall Centerpiece

I am already saving ideas for Christmas this year! I need time, planning, a budget. 

We don't have hundreds of dollars to just to shop black friday and buy everything I need to for Christmas.  Especially all in one day!

So I always start planning and buying early, because sometimes my budget is extremely tight! Like twenty dollars tight. 

Or in our case, we probably will be going 4 wheeling this weekend. Caitlin wants to go, so if everything falls into place? I will get to show you some epic photos and maybe even a video.  

2016 Farmhouse Centerpiece

Greg has been getting the Blazer ready, and using four letter words to do it. Funny story coming!

At least I think it's funny. I have a rule with regards to Greg's "toys" because his toys always seem to take up hundreds of square feet.

"Out of sight, keeps me light." Now ya'll have seen the blue beast, which is always parked out of sight. Behind the garage.

See it behind those arborvitae?

Me neither. Well apparently parking it back there has ONE small insignificant disadvantage.

The neighborhood feral cat has found it and promptly fell in love with it.

As a litter box.

Centerpiece 2016

That's why the four letter words have been flying around my house.

I have been asked to call animal control and alert the neighbors, that if this is anyone's cat, they'd better keep it inside.

During mid rant by hubby I just had to walk away. Trying not to laugh.

Apparently men don't like it when cats turn their blazer baby into a giant litterbox and sh*t on the driver's seat. 


Beautiful Fall Decorating

Greg made sure to inform me that the "evidence" had not been there the day before.

Like I need this specific information for the SWAT team he now wants patrolling our neighborhood.

Helicopters flying around, walkie talkies going off for a multi colored orange cat. Cops showing up with ziploc baggies, to collect the "evidence" and send it to the crime lab. 

Creative Centerpiece Idea 2016

2016 Fall Vignette

No one ever said my house was dull. I wanted to ask him, if he'd be that mad if the cat had crapped in MY seat. But given his mood, I held my tongue.

For this fall vignette I grabbed an old box, some plants and two ceramic pumpkins found at Big Lots and made a pretty centerpiece for Fall.

Fall Centerpiece

So at least if you stop by and hear the yelling, the sounds and the view will be much better once you get inside!

Kitchen Fall Vignette

If however you stop by and my driveway has several jeeps and lifted 4WD trucks in it? Please bring beer so I can help divert the redneck swat team from their "Kill a Cat" project they seem to want to do.

Fall Decorating Vignette

Have a great week!


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