Decorating for Fall in the Entryway

Decorating for Fall using what you have

Decorating for Fall using neutral colors and lots of texture without spending a lot of money!

I mixed in lots of texture and a couple of really quick DIY projects you can do for your home. Because of you're like me, you only have a few dollars to spend for decorating for Fall.

I added touches of rustic and bohemian in my entryway. I had some really brightly colored pink and purple boho pillows, but, I just wasn't feeling it. (I took the thrift store scarves off, because I had wrapped them like a package and tied it in the back) I think my brown furry pillows look much better.

Once I did that, things really started to fall into place. The two feather pictures I already owned. If I remember correctly I bought those two years ago at Target. 

Inexpensive Fall Decor

I made a driftwood wall hanging to center on this wall. At first I wasn't sure it would work out, but the longer I played with it, the better it got!

Fall decor using no money

For the wall hanging I used stuff I have had in a box for

sheesh - 5 years?

Here's how I created it:

Using leather cord and twine, I hot glued everything. I used one really long leather cord as a hanger and just knotted it at the top and let the tails hang down past the driftwood. 

Hung the whole thing on a nail close to my glue gun and started adding cord or twine that had beads or metal keys hanging from the ends. 

Or feathers, you know I had to add those! 

Using my glue gun was easier for me, for height and placement of each string.

I wanted to go by feel and tried to balance the colors out a bit.

Bohemian style is a bit random but I need some symmetry in my life.

I am a libra afterall!

Decorating on a Budget

Here's the supplies I used and what the back of my wall hanging looks like. It was much easier to just hang the cords where they looked good and glued them in place.

Instead of tying them, stepping back and undoing the knots and re-tying them.

 Here's the finished side.

A much nicer view!

Bohemian Wall Hanging

This piece of driftwood actually has sentimental meaning to it. This was a treasure Greg and I picked up (literally) on one of our first dates back in Fort Myers, Florida. 

I shared the story over a winter tablescape called Antlers and Zebra Tablescape, if you'd like to read it. I kinda thought we were going to get arrested. It's the first and last time I ever stole anything.

Fall Decorating Inspiration

Neutral Colored Fall Decorating

I found more crochet doilies at a thrift store. I cut out a teeny tiny center hole in the doily and slipped it over a grapevine pumpkin. Added some cord and a feather and called it done.

DIY Boho Decorating

Fall Trends 2016

Fall 2016

Entryway decorating

The arrowhead collection below belonged to my Grandfather. I put them all in a shadow box years ago, so I thought it fit here perfectly.

Bohemian Decorating Style

I hope you enjoyed the small touches of Fall I've added to the entryway.

Have a great day!