How to Care For and Winterize Succulents


How to grow succulents indoors during winter time

Succulents are such a popular and easy to care for plant these days, I admit to going a bit overboard in buying my share. I have found many decorative uses indoors as well as outdoors.

However, I do live in a freeze / thaw climate and snow generally is not a succulents best friend. So I decided to do some research and find out 

How to winterize and care for succulents indoors. 

Toward the end of summer when temperatures are starting to cool off, take a good look at your succulents. If you notice flies around your plants, change the dirt and spray them with your choice of insecticide. 

Also pull any weeds that made their way into your container.

Succulents; how to care for them during winter

When the temperature outside starts to cool below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, start tapering off with watering. Just water enough to keep it from dehydrating and let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

Bring your succulents inside when outside temps hit 40 degrees. 

How to grow succulents indoors

Water sparingly during winter time and check frequently for bugs.

Succulents and Cacti when dormant want temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to grow succulents indoors during winter time

If you have South facing window in your home, place the succulents there for a few hours. I usually try to do this a couple of days a week during winter.  

I've heard through other gardeners, that one part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water can be wiped onto any succulent that may develop aphids over winter.

You can use a cotton ball or a soft paper towel to apply it and make sure to check underneath the leaves too. Also make sure to separate that plant from others until the aphids are completely gone.
How to cure aphids on succulents

If your plants start to look thin and spindly, try giving them more sunlight. Most succulents like bright indirect light. They LOVE hot sunny spots outdoors, but a warm indirect light should keep them alive until you can put them back outdoors.

And again, water sparingly when inside. I generally water them sparingly every 6 to 8 days. The roots will rot if given too much water and it's hard for them to recover from that.

I hope you found these tips useful. Good luck!

How to winterize and care for succulents for Winter