Zebra Dishes Tablescape for Breakfast

Zebra Dishes Tablescape

Breakfast Table set with zebra print dishes

Today is going to be a animal print kinda day. Starting out the day with my favorite breakfast and some zebra print dishes.

That sounds like a good way to begin a day doesn't it?

Breakfast table setting with animal print dishes

I've been spending every morning outside in the yard and progress is really being made with getting the front garden bed back to 

well, back to my standards.

Bare spots are getting filled, the creek bed that runs through it is filled with more rock.

My brain is filled with flowers and my skin is covered in bug bites.

Farmhouse table setting with fresh flowers

Gardening is dirty business and mosquitos and flies are loving and hating me right now.

So for today, this is my idea of gardening. 

Fresh sunny flowers on a breakfast table.

Summer Tablescape with animal print dishes and rustic centerpiece

And anti itch cream for my feet.

I freely admit, sometimes I am not a nice person. While outside recently, doing yard chores, the city sprayer came by.

Spraying for mosquitos, driving down my street. My immediate response wasn't "oh thank you!", or "Good job!"

It was more like a dirty look with a redneck muttering "Now you spray? You're a little late buddy."

Breakfast Table setting with fresh sunny flowers

Oh well, guess that's the price I pay for needing to have large garden beds.

Until I can afford to pay a hot bodied yard boy at least.

Quick centerpiece idea for a table setting

Quick centerpiece idea for a breakfast tablescape

 I took these pictures in the morning light, when it was just starting to peek thru an East facing window.

It's amazing the shadows morning light can give you isn't it?

Easy and cheap centerpiece idea for a tablescape using zebra dishes and fresh flowers

Quick and easy farmhouse table ideas

Have a great day my friends!


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Quick and easy farmhouse tablescape ideas with zebra dishes and wildflowers.

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