New Junkin Treasures

Styling the Butler's Pantry

Junkin in NW Indiana

One thing I love about Summer is the junkin trips we can take. So let me share with you the last one we did and I'll show you the goodies I found. 

This place is called Green Oaks Antiques and they recently had what they called a yard sale.

Almost everything was on sale, especially the items found in the yard. 

old windows and salvaged wood

 This place was decent sized and had some good treasures. They also had so stuff made to LOOK like it was old. Which is a big pet peeve to "G".

So it was up to the buyer to distinguish the two. 
But I still had fun!

old ladders

At first it was easy to maneuver around, the place was crowded. Apparently they only have this sale once a year. But once I got inside, it was much harder to shop and take pictures.

I had to put my phone down in order to be a good customer. I would have ended up stepping on someone or having a ton of photos with strangers in them.

So, I didn't get a ton of pictures but I did get the outside.

Shop for rusty junk

Shopping for junk

Once I got inside I found a couple of things that had to come home with me. They are probably reproductions. In fact I know they are, but I didn't care.

I found an antique column cap, which they had several. All of them were almost identical in shape and color,  so that told me they were not true antiques.

But for the price I paid, I didn't care!

Coffee table Vignette

 I put the column cap (or whatever you call it) on my coffee table. I cannot
wait to decorate for Fall now.

Just because I bought this, now I can't wait for Fall.....

Yeah I know. I need to be happy in the moment.

Industrial and antique coffee table vignette

Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Knick Knacks

 The other thing I bought was another small crab pot.

This one I put in my butlers pantry to hold some decorative white coffee cups.

Butlers Pantry

 Sorry about the bad pic's, it's going to rain here this morning and the sun is non existent. 

Galvanized crab pot

 Green Oaks Antiques was about 90 minutes away, so I will visit them again next year for their sale. They had some pretty furniture too. But note to self - the sale is big enough, that you won't have to go the first day.

Maybe if I go during a weekday it won't be so crowded.

Coffee bar


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