Antique Shopping in Indiana

antique mall

A couple of weeks ago we went out on a Sunday and hit an Antique Store in Warsaw Indiana.

And no this is not a sponsored post, just a day out with hubby doing what I like.


I took a lot of pictures, but these are some of the highlights.

A Printers Cabinet that also had, the typeset letters with it. 

antique mall in warsaw indiana

I may have the name of this cabinet wrong, but I have never seen one with the metal letters still inside the drawers. I can't remember the price, but it cabinet itself was less than $400.00

antique column post

I am not going to talk too much, so you can just take a virtual tour with me.

Antique bread board

I almost bought that breadboard. But it was so big, I knew it would only fit on a table or on the wall. Not on the kitchen counters.

Antique postal mail bag

Wrought iron salvage pieces

Garden Planters

The green planter above is hard to tell, but it was almost 5 feet tall. 

That's another thing I am wishing I bought.

antique barn wood work bench

I wasn't to sure this desk below was an antique but I loved the finish on it. 

Very Restoration Hardware like!

They had a lot of old school lockers or cabinets. 

Probably Boys Gym Lockers?

 Well, that's about it to our trip to Warsaw. I must not have been in the mood to buy, because nothing followed me home.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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