Four Wheeling at Badlands 4WD Park

Badlands Trails

Ok fair warning. This is not my usual blog post. The only thing that this article can relate to (with regards to home decor) is color. 

I have brown and green in my home.

That's it.  This is the 4 wheeling pictures from our trip we took over the holiday weekend.

No furniture or room reveals, pretty table to sit down to eat at. This is down and dirty. 

Mud, tires and testosterone. I feel like I should insert a grunting noise here. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we were hoping to go 4 wheeling and I am happy to report we did.

So here ya go, some pictures for you, so you can see the trails we saw and a couple of 4 WD buddies. 

Greg spent a couple of hours going over the blazer and putting in some headlights. Just in case we got the chance to go wheeling at night. Due to the holiday weekend, the Badlands 4 WD Park was open past their usual 5 pm closing time.

We paired up with a friend; Joe and his daughter and off we went!

2 hours later, we were on the trail having fun. The weather could not have been more perfect!

4 wheeling

The only downside to going wheeling is unless you're willing to get out and walk?

The only pictures you're going to get are of other vehicles. LOL

4 wheeling trails

It's hard to gage from the pictures how tall the hills are. But take it from me, some of these trails are not for a novice!

Off Road Vehicles

But the scenery can't be beat!

Rock Climbing

For safety all vehicles are required to have a flag on your front bumper. This is to alert others if you're going up a steep hill. That way the flag shows up before you do, and hopefully everyone stays safe.

Off Road Park

Joe took some video from a dashcam, so if he sends it to me I will upload here, and give an update so you can see it.

I think you'd get a much clearer picture of the trails, hills and how peaceful it is.

Until somebody gets stuck in the mud, that is! 

We met up for a quick visit with some wheeling buddies, "The Joliet Mud Turtles".

Then it was back to wheeling again.

Shortly after this shot was taken, I put my camera away so I could really enjoy wheeling. 

And we got into a huge mud hole that Greg misjudged the depth of, so....

Long story made short....

We all got a tad muddy. Greg got the worst of it, and regretfully for you, my camera was not shooting away.

But happily for me I did not get my $300 dollar camera soaked in mud.

Most of the mud we sank in came in through the driver's side, 

so like I said

Greg got the worst of it. I looked like I got splatter painted with some bad version of brown chalk paint.

It was a lot of fun, we're hoping to try a different 4WD Park in a couple of months. 

After a few hours, we loaded up and came home.

Hot, hungry and caked with mud we were still smiling.

It was a blast!

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our holiday weekend. I know it's not my usual article, but I thought you might like to see the really really rustic side.


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