Front Porch Decorated for Fall

Fall Decor for the Home

Have you ever had one purchase help everything fall into place when you're decorating? If you are a frequent flyer on my blog then you know that last year it took me two weeks to get my front porch decorated.

I kept changing things, to the point of exhaustion and a drained camera battery!

I was never satisfied and things just kept spiraling. If I changed the one thing on the gallery wall outside, everything else just didn't look balanced. Well this year seemed to go much easier. Adding the cedar column and taking out that hideous rusted iron railing has helped tremendously!

If you'd like to see some before pictures you can read 

Decorating a Small Front Porch

That will definitely show a good "before" picture.

Fall Porch 2016

The galvanized crab pots and lanterns are a staple on my porch. So when I spied a huge metal pumpkin at HomeGoods I knew it had to come home with me.

The bonus?
It was on clearance! Talk about good luck.

Fall Porch Tour

I tried a couple of different positions with it but just sitting by itself, the metal bands just seemed to get lost, so I tossed in some fall color between the bands and now it pops.

My local garden center had flowers on sale so I bought a lot of purple asters and some yellow mums.

Budget decorating

I also added a pop of blue, thanks to some glacier blue chalk paint. 

I painted a couple of urns and some cheap dollar store pumpkins.

Autumn Decorating

The wreath below, although I love it. It did cause a look from Greg.

I had a blonde moment with it and the "moment" lasted about 2 years.

Maybe even 3. You see I bought it years ago, stuck it in a garbage bag to keep it fresh, and put it away in a closet one winter.

And COMPLETELY forgot about it, so I got THE HUBBY LOOK.

Fall Patio

Oh well, least I finally found it!

Home Tour

For some texture I used a garage sale wicker picnic basket and inserted some fall color.

I also bought 2 yards of fabric that said fall to me. I cut it up for three things. Two pillow covers which cover my outdoor pillows and a throw.

The throw I ended up rolling it and putting it in the picnic basket to scatter the blue around the porch as well.

I did my pillows the quick no sew redneck way. I cut the fabric big enough for a pillow, hot glue two ends so I had a sleeve, inserted my outdoor pillow, and tucked in the ends like a christmas package. That way I can take the pillows out, when I am done with them.

The two yards of blue flannel cost me 11 bucks and for what I got for it? I definitely got bang for my buck.

Budget Fall Decor

Do you remember the huge rusty lantern I have every year and every year one pane of glass would break? Well the glass is gone, so I hung it on a bracket and inserted my boston fern.

On the other bracket I hung a wreath.

Porch Decor on a Budget

Full disclaimer!

Now that I have photographed my porch I will have the asters and mums planted in the garden this week.

They will not survive on my shady front porch, they will need more sun.

Fall Front Porch Decorating

All in, I think I spent seventy five bucks to decorate my front porch. Not bad for on a budget!

The galvanized lanterns were bought on clearance last year from a local home improvement store. If you're not hitting the outdoor furniture sections right now, you are missing out!

The galvanized welcome sign is from JoAnn Fabrics. The crab pots are from antique stores and get this...Walmart. So one is antique and the others are a year old.

Porches Decorated

Plastics pumpkins - I already had. The green moss wreath?

I just added some faux sprigs from my fall stash and a chalk painted pumpkin.

Moss Wreath

Fall Patio

Small Porch Decorating

The blue and white pillow was found a month ago at a thrift store for 2 bucks.

Fall Tour through the Home

I haven't decided what to put in the black lantern I put on the cedar column yet. 

I am leaning towards battery operated candles, but haven't found any that aren't that yellowish white color!
Do stores know what the definition of white is? Because to me it isn't a creamy yellow.


But that's a rant for another day. I hope you enjoyed a tour of my fall front porch.

Have a great day!