Shade Garden Bed Re-Do

Shade Garden Bed Makeover

Hello friends! 

Based on my actions over the weekend, I pondered if I should rename my blog.

I've come up with a few titles that cover how my weekend went. Let me know what ya think!

Blonde pulls it out in the end by the seat of her pants? No, too long of a title.

By the seat of her pants?

No plan and no brains? No Budget no Brains?

Gardening with with a Blonde? Gardening the Blonde Way? What happened you might be asking.

This happened.

Shady garden bed makeover

Now, when I woke up today I knew I needed to find something to do. Something that involved staying home and not spending any money. 

I know, I hate these kind of days too. Everyday should be a shopping or junking day, then no one would complain about Mondays. So when I saw how crowded and bad this shade bed was looking, I knew I had a goal for today.

Gardening Tips for a shady yard

It was looking even more crowded before I took out several hydrangeas out of this bed in the last two weeks.

Shade Garden Flowerbed

So, while hubby was drinking his last cup of coffee, I got outside early and started digging everything up.

Shade loving perennials

I had quite a lot dug up, when coffee cup in hand he came outside to find out what I was up too.

Digging up perennials to give a shade garden a makeover

And a couple of hours later, we had the boulders and a lot of dirt on the sidewalk. You see when I originally put this shady bed in, I put a whole mess of compost in the bed and it raised it up quite a bit. So, now all that dirt needed to come out. Greg has never liked how high it was up on the foundation.

And, OK. Truth be told, I liked it for about a year. But after hauling pound after pound of dirt by myself, I wasn't going to admit anything!

Until now. It needs a new look. That's my story.

Clearing out garden beds in Fall
 Yeah! All cleaned out and lower than the foundation. Thanks to Greg and Caitlin.

Want to hear the part that makes my husband's eyes roll?

I had no plan for where the stuff was going back in at!

Shade Garden

I have to see it cleaned out first. That's my plan. The other parts of that plan are to sit in the rocking chair and stare at it until something comes to mind.

And And And


Something did!

Adding drama to a shady spot in the yard

Yes, that's right. I am going to put in another dry creek bed. That's the benefit of sitting on my as* for ten minutes to look over my garden.

As soon as I sat down and stared at it, my first thought was:

I don't want to fill this bed back in with a ton of mulch or plants. Then I looked North toward the larger full sun garden bed and saw the creek bed.

My God the blonde has pulled it out of her as* once again. A plan!

Curb appeal

All the Astilbes are looking really scraggly, but they are spring bloomers, so I will cut those down and continue watering so the roots will thrive.

And my Japanese Fern has seen better days, so hopefully this slightly sunnier spot will help these babies.

Adding visual interest to a shade garden

Dry creek bed

Gardening on a Budget

Now I just need to buy some pebbles to drop onto the landscape fabric. But not today.

Today is a "Not spending any money day".

Plus, in a few days or a week when I do add pebbles over the landscape fabric, I should probably only need ten bags? Thats cheap for all the drama this is going to add to my yard.

Fall Garden Bed cleanup

After all this digging and hauling dirt, it is turning into a Nap day!

Shade Loving perennials

What'd you do over the weekend?


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