Fall 2016 Living Room Tour

Decorating your Home on a Budget for Fall

Ok I need to holler something.


Ok, I feel better now. It's done. I finally was able to get the Living Room styled up for the Fall Season.

Against all odds, against the weirdo magnet episodes, the countless interruptions and delays.

Yeah! For being persistent!

And stubborn.

Rustic Fall Decor 2017

 I am so glad I can finally get these shots up, that I don't even care if I look back on them and see dog hair somewhere.

This is me. Arms open wide, welcoming you into my Living Room.

Dog hair and all!

Small Budget Decorating but Big style

 And if you see any food wrappers lying around?

Those are Gregs.

and I still don't care, I did it! I got the pictures up, finally!

I feel like singing "Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care"! Two whole days. That's how long it took me to get this done. Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything you did, took ten times longer than usual?

I had (past tense) a plan. Wake up, drink coffee, water the garden, edit my LR photo's and get the blog post written and published.

Oh and vacuum and do a little shopping at the dollar store.

That's it. 

Nothing major, no retaking of Omaha Beach, no 20K race for Breast Cancer. Nothing of significance or that needs to end up in the newspaper.

Rustic and Modern Fall Decorating

 Or me having to dial 911.

Yep, nothing says wake up like having to do that. Here's how it started this morning. While coffee was brewing I went out early to water the garden. A car stopped in front of my house and lingered. Cutting this story in half so it doesn't take up 9 hours of your time.

45 minutes later?

The car is still parked in front of my house. Now nothing is open at this time of day, and I don't live next door to a brand new Crate and Barrel, so why is someone stopped on a street where people need to drive down, for 45 minutes? So being concerned that maybe the driver was ill, I go back out and go to the end of my driveway and ask the driver if he is ok. Because people don't just stop on a street for nothing, right? Especially for 45 minutes. He flips me off and tells me to mind my own "F'g" business.

Ohh hell no!

So I had to call the police. Turns out "he" had a warrant, so 5 squad cars later, his car is being towed, he's in handcuffs in the backseat yelling I wasn't doing nuttin!

And I still haven't even had a cup of coffee yet.


Taa Daaaa!

 I won't even bore you with the details of my day yesterday. Grocery shopping day with my MIL?

A normal 1 hour food shopping trip turned into a 4 hour event with people at a new grocery store that I like to call:

The Cart Natzi's. You know these people, right? The ones that aim their grocery carts down an aisle like they're defending their homeland and if you get in their way, you're gonna get run over?

Like it's a War? Just to buy food.

Living Room decorated in Rustic and Modern Decor

 Shaking off these two bad days, let's talk about the living room. ok?

I added touches of gold, and galvanized to the Industrial Wall Hutch and kept the fall decor simple and rustic.

If you're new to my little blog, and want to build your own wall hutch that's cheap, then you can read my diy article:

Fall Budget Decorating

Purples, browns and metal are the base of this room. So when Fall comes, I get to add pops of color like Gold, silver and green.

Orange. Yeah for little pops of orange!

Rustic Decor

Budget Decorating for Fall

Rustic Fall Decor

Neutral Fall Decor

Modern Living Room Decor

 Hey wow, looking at these pic's I don't see any dog hair. 

Ok, maybe my day is getting better!

Fall Season

 I am loving the touches of gold. That totally surprises me. I have been quoted as saying brass or gold is out and nickle is in.

But like any woman, I changed my mind.

Fall Decor

 I am still going to have a stiff cocktail tonight though.

Industrial furniture

If you like the watercolor printable that's in a frame on the hutch, you can thank Kreativ K for that. I downloaded her Watercolor Pumpkin Printable.

Some of the gold mirrors I got at TJ Maxx 2 weeks ago. They were cheap, so who can pass up a 3 pack of mirrors for 6 bucks?

Not me!

Living room

Here's to a better day!


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