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How to Hang a Sliding Barn Door | 

Tips on installing a barn door

Well, it's finally done. I can yell Taa Daa. At least until we get the new trim installed around the doors.

I can say without a doubt, with the utmost certainty

that this used to be the UGLIEST damn closet in my home.

Used to be, past tense.

Here is the only pic I ever saved of this closet in the Dining Room. I finally figured after searching for pic's of this closet that I always

always crop it out unless totally necessary! 

It is the weirdest smallest closet in the house too. And now I can take that title away. 

Dining Room Decorating Idea

I put up a curtain a couple of years ago, until I could figure out how to handle this dead decorating zone.

I debated about walling it up and then opening the wall up in the kitchen.

For two years. 

Now, fast forward to me finding a gorgeous old door and giving it a makeover and then finding some really super cheap barn door tracks?

If you'd like to see the door getting a makeover you can read

Now onto some tips we learned when installing the track system for our door.

1. If you plan on making your barn door or ordering one you are going to want to plan and measure how high your track system is going to be first.

Since I wanted to use a salvaged door we already had, we were limited as to how high we could install it.

How to hang a barn door in your house.

As it turned out we were just able to bolt in the rail system right into the wood headers above the doors.

so that's tip #2. Make sure your desired height, has wood to bolt into.

I don't care what kind of wall anchors any manufacturer give you. This isn't hanging a 20 pound mirror and simply using wall anchors, would make me nervous!

We marked the height with a pencil and using a level Greg put the middle bolt in first. Then working outward he put in the remaining bolts.

For our purpose we butted the track system right up against the wall on the right.

Because the goal is to cover the closet opening, not the opening into the kitchen. If this is how you want yours installed as well, then you are going to want to install the end caps (aka door stops) before you bolt the track system in. Our instructions came from Japan, and I guess giving written instructions were not included. We got a one page document that simply just showed 6 easy steps all depicted in pictures. Not one showed the door stops.

So that's tip #3. Do a dry run unless you get better directions. But hey I paid $45 dollars for this track system, so I'll let that one go.

I'll put a link to where I bought it below. And no I am not an affiliate of this person/company.

Industrial Decorating Idea using a barn door as a closet door.

How to install a barn door

The next step is to drill 4 holes in your door for the hanger bolts to go into.

Tip #4

The bolts we received worked perfectly, because they were 3" to 4" in length. So confirm from your retailer that your bolts are going to be long enough to go through whatever the thickness of your door is plus the hanging hardware too. Mine also came with bolt caps to cover up the ends. If your door is somewhat thin, then you are going to need to cut the bolts down to fit the end caps that cover them. A hacksaw will do the trick if you have one.

Do It Yourself Barn Door Installation Project.

The door moldings will be getting an update in a week or two, so for the purpose of hanging this barn door, we took them off.

Boy did I find some great inspiration about detailing out this track system and the door molding, so please keep an eye out for that!

And no, it's not going to be barnwood on the walls.

DIY Project on How to barn door a door tips and tricks

See below, told you this closet was ugly. It's 3-1/2' feet deep and holds every candle and candlestick I own.

Barn door installation tips and tricks for a DIY'er.

Now I can't wait to get the trim up!

Do It Yourself Tips to install a Barn Door Track System and where to find a cheap one.

Decorating Idea on how to deal with an awkward closet by installing a barn door.

I just need to buy the trim around the door and this little diy project can be crossed off.

999 more to go yeah, we are under 1,000 now. 

Barn door installation DIY Project

To celebrate the occasion I pruned some hydrangea shrubs that are giving me some absolutely stunning color and put them in a galvanized tub on the table.

Fall Flower Arrangement Idea

Rustic Centerpiece Idea

Fall colored hydrangeas in full Fall color

Here's the link where I purchased the Steel Track System if you need one. And again, I am not an affiliate nor would I get any commission from you buying one from this company.

That was my day, how was yours?


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Tips and Tricks to installing a barn door track system for the DIY'er.

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