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Updates to the Master Bedroom

My Master bedroom is slowly getting updates with every dollar I can afford to spend. I think I am off to a good start, especially on a tight budget.

Decorating a master bedroom on a budget
I went on a mission last week. I wanted to see what $60 dollars would do for me in our master Bedroom.

I knew it was time to buy a new set of sheets, as my favorite set was showing signs of age. So off to several stores I went. And I scored!

Bedroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

But I did go slightly over budget.

Which is typical for me, but I got a lot of bang for my money, trust me!
I found a quilt set that came with two shams in a gorgeous grey and white that I couldn't pass up along with new white sheets at Ross. 

And of course once the bed was made, my curtains didn't fit the room anymore.

Then I noticed my bedskirt was black, not a color that went with the new quilt.

Thrifting and souring clearance sales, to design the master bedroom on a budget.

Then the rug I had needed to be switched out, so I swiped the grey and white striped one from the Kitchen.

The bedskirt I found at Bed Bath & Beyond. Apparently it's a new style, one that you don't need to take your mattress off. So I thought it was worth a try seeing as it was about the same price as the only other white one I could find.

It comes with small upholstery screws that once you tuck it in and wrap the elastic band around, it can hold all 4 corners in place when changing sheets.

It was $25 bucks. So we'll see how it does.

Wonder Skirt  tailored bedskirt

The other update to this room is I painted the pine wood closet doors and we will add new baseboards in time.

So, if you notice no baseboards that's why. The door hardware will get replaced too, or spray painted a new color.

Painting out dated closet doors for a master bedroom update.

The paint on the closet doors was literally still wet when this picture was shot. But they do get rid of a lot of orange glow that was being thrown around the room. Who knew wood grain would do that!

The grey velvety curtains I found, come from HomeGoods.

All of the artwork and accessories I already had. I may switch out the lamp shades or paint them a grey color. This room still isn't done yet, but I wanted to get the functional part of a master bedroom done, then add the drama or impact.

Like new decorative pillows and new side tables. I'm thinking a mirrored table or grey.

What do you think?

Using soft and calming colors to decorate the master bedroom without spending a lot of money.

Bedroom Designs for a Small Master Bedroom that use a dramatic yet soft color palette.

Master Bedroom Ideas

The purple throw on the bed is actually a queen sized blanket I found. Winter is coming. Greg is one of those people that's always cold, so a heavy warm blanket is needed for him.

Me? I get hot flashes so the fan is always on high and a sheet does it for me. Also pillows.

Years ago I heard a lot of jokes about women and their pillows. Well I am here to join the pillow club, but trying to stage 8 pillows on one queen size bed doesn't look good to me.

Too crowded. So I put an antique box underneath a night stand and when I make my bed I put my feather pillows there. Problem solved.

Now my cuddle pillows are stashed away within easy reach.

Creative Storage Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Decor using soft purple and white color scheme.

I think this room is off to a pretty good start. I just need to add that impact now.

Decorating a cozy Master Bedroom


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