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Houseplants to Grow In Winter Time

Indoor Houseplants |

Best Plants to grow inside

I spent a lot of time outside this past year, doing a lot of updates to my front yard and backyard. So I am going tino full prepared mode to be absolutely delighted when snow starts falling this winter. But one things always happens a week after the Holidays are over.

I am sick of Snow and ready for Spring!

 Blooms, digging in the dirt, buying new plants. So I am hoping that if I go on the hunt for some great indoor plants, it may help winter time blues, as well as purify the air.

Which everyone who lives up north knows can get pretty stale after awhile. So I did some research and thought I'd share with you what I found.

I was pretty shocked at what can be grown indoors, so wait til you see these!

 A succulent variety that loves temperatures 65 to 75 and a spot that gets bright light.  Like a south facing window.

Flowering Maple

This tree can be cut to keep the shape you want or need. I have heard it looks spectacular in a hanging basket too. One thing I like, it's a fast grower. It needs extremely bright light. So if you have a hot spot in your home in front of a tall window or sliding glass doors? That would be perfect. It likes the temperatures to stay around 60 to 75 degrees.

Growing Plants Indoors

Bird of Paradise

Best Indoor Plants to Grow

The bird of paradise is by far one of the tallest indoor plants you can grow. When I see this plant in stores or nurseries I used to think two things. Beautiful and tropical. Well after seeing the one above, the modern design with this plant, I have changed my mind! Birdie will be coming home with me next time I see one.

60 to 70 degrees and bright light for that beauty.


Easy to Grow House Plants

Now do not be surprised if you see this plant around my home. It sold me with the purple color right away. I know the shamrock colored purple leaves alone would easily chase away those winter blues! Oxalis loves temp between 60 to 75 also and they like it when you keep the soil slightly moist. Are you seeing a general theme to a lot of these indoor house plants?

It's good that they all seem to like the same general temperatures.



Yes, Jasmine! Yeah!

The best flowering plants to grow indoors

There are too many different varieties of Jasmine to mention but few are still fragrant indoors. After some research, the Jasminium Polyanthum variety is the one to look for. 

For a full details on how to grow this variety indoors you can read: Jasmine Growing Indoors by Garden Know How. Basically it says put that baby outside in summer so it will benefit from the warmth and sunlight and during winter give her a south facing window and probably a trellis for her to climb on. Or be ready to keep her pruned. Soil should be porous, so mix in bark into the soil, her roots are going to want to breathe a bit and keep that soil moist, not soggy. 

Snake Plant | Mother In Law's Tongue

How to beat the winter blues with indoor plants
Midwest Living

This is a wonderful plant for those neglectful gardeners. They can tolerate you forgetting to water them and also tolerate low light levels too. It has a modern appeal to it when you plant it in a tall modern pot or in the picture above I think it lends itself to a more traditional vibe really nicely. Best temperature for these babies is 60 degrees to 85 degrees.

Christmas Cactus

Easy maintenance indoor plants
Midwest Living
You can find these beauties almost anywhere during winter time here in the midwest. And they give superior color performance too! They like bright light and temps from 70 to 80 degrees.

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern Indoor Plant

This type of fern is one that you can find easily at any home improvement store during late fall and winter. They like bright light and temps above 60 degrees. Plus daily misting. Humid environments are the rage with this beauty. Bathrooms with a window that gets a lot of light would be best.

Calamondin Orange

Calamondin Orange Indoor Plant

In late winter you will have a such fragrance from this plant, you will want to grow one in every corner of your house! This baby loves cooler temps too, so that's definitely a bonus if you keep your heat down during winter. Temps between 55 to 65, but needs intense light. So if you have sliding glass doors that get south or west facing light, then that would be the place I'd put it.

Here's another one that just speaks to me.

Brazilian Fireworks

The best indoor plants that have blooms
How stunning is that baby! I am on the hunt for one of those. Ok, maybe 5. You know me, I do tend to go overboard.

She loves temperatures that stay from 60 to 80 and likes medium to bright light and soil that's evenly moist.

So far I am really liking my research for some above average indoor house plants. Not to mention that they purify the air, which is a big plus when we are all stuck inside! I know I can still grab the typical ones.

The English Ivy
Crown of Thorns

a lot of which can be found during winter at your local garden center. But I wanted to see some things that you don't normally see anymore. So now I am off too google where I can buy some of these.

I hope you found this interesting and get inspired to help chase away the winter blues with gardening indoors!


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