Dried Hydrangea Fall Tablescape

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Fall Tablescape 

Is there anything better then setting a fall table? Today I say no, because the flowers on my table are from my garden. 

What a great way to bring the beauty inside. Plus I can think of so many different ways to display them, can't you?

Especially for Christmas. I know, I know it's still off a ways. But I just can't help myself. My mind still wanders.

Dried Hydrangeas for fall table

I could use a little beauty today, what about you? 

Today is all about cleaning up and sprucing for me. My home, the computer. You know all those dreaded task no one wants to do!

Table setting for fall

Even though I made a list of things to get done I am still here on the computer. It's almost lunchtime and I haven't gotten to one thing yet that requires me to turn the vacuum on yet.

Do you feel like that too? I can spend 7 hours on the computer paying bills, connecting with my family or helping my daughters (and their friends) with their resumes but until that vacuum cleaner runs or the dishwasher starts...

I don't feel like I was productive!

Seasonal Tablescapes

As a loyal reader I do want to let you know about a change I made to this little blog of mine. I am becoming an affiliate for merchandisers. So I am researching the best way to integrate that into my life, blog and I have created a disclosure policy.

Doing this will hopefully enable me to do more DIY projects and also shop! I will intertwine this with regular articles, so you will not be bombarded with sales pitches. I am not going to turn into a car salesman, believe me!

I like to believe the reason you read my articles is my sense of humor, not what I can sell you on a daily basis.

Tablescape for Fall

But if I were to be brutally honest I don't need anymore dishes. 

But my heart does!

Rustic Tablescape

Purple Tablescape for Fall

 Plus if it works out, I may even be able to test a theory.

Which is can your vacuum cleaner develop dust on the outside of it if not used twice a week?

Fall Centerpiece Idea

Dried Hydrangeas as a Centerpiece Idea for Fall

 I'm ready to test that theory.

Have a great day!


Seasonal tablescape for Fall with dried hydrangeas and a mix of old and new dishes.