Holiday Table for Entertaining

Holidays are just around the corner can you believe it?

I can!
Who is ready for some delicious turkey and tons of family and friends at your table?

Yeah, I am not ready either. Luckily my sister is hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I am actually concentrating on decking my home out for the holidays.

I know I am early in doing it. But I don't care. Everyone always complains about how hectic this time of year is, but not me. Why?

Cause I get started early. I want to be sitting on as* with my family from Thanksgiving to Christmas instead of spending hours in long lines, rushing around and being cranky or worse.


Now don't put me up on a pedestal. I was looking at old photos of Christmas last year and actually found these pictures and figured out that they never got posted.

Probably because I was sitting on my as*. But I don't care. I am still liking this table. If you put the food on kitchen counters you can leave a simple centerpiece like this. If you want food on your table, you remove it quickly right before people arrive.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a quick and easy holiday table you can easily recreate and remember

If you want to get started early, then go for it!
When everyone else is swearing and exhausted?

You and I will be sitting in front of our Christmas Trees singing carols with friends and family!


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