Living Room Update

Decorating the Living Room with a new clearance score!

In gearing up for Thanksgiving and trying to get my menu all planned and shopping done I forgot to show you a new purchase I scored for the Living room!

Color this blonde HomeGoods happy!

Living room decorating without the matchy matchy feel

Timing is everything right! I first saw this chair at my local HomeGoods months ago. Like 7 months, maybe 8?

It was $400. Yeah, totally out of my budget. No way I could spend that for one chair. My local store got two. I seriously debated about getting their credit card and buying one and putting the other one on credit.

But I walked away. Proud. Pissed at myself but proud I did the right financially sound thing. I hate it when I do that.

Shopping for clearance furniture

 Now fast forward to about August. They marked it down an it's sibling has been sold.

They marked it down to $299.

Nope. Christine walked away.

Living Room

Now it's september. They mark it down to $249. I walked away again, thinking for years I have needed two chairs. Nope, not one.  

Are you amazed at my inner strength as I am?

Fast forward again to Late October. Now we get into trouble.

How to float a chair in the living room

 There it is, sitting all alone with no partner.

Marked down to $149.00!

Modern living room decor

I stood there, then sat in it. Then stood back up.
Staring and sitting for over an hour. Trying to talk myself out of again buying one lone chair when my heart really wants two.

Two that matched. Symmetry, precision. These are things I need in my home or my blonde brain just cannot rest.

Living room update with a new chair found on clearance!

Then it occurred to me. You never know what is going to happen. I could win the lottery tomorrow.

I could become a HomeGoods International Ambassador and they start showering me with all the rugs and furniture I need! 

So why am I denying my inner voice that says when I find my perfect modern wingback chairs for a price I want to pay, that this baby won't look good in a bedroom?

Living room furniture

One hundred and forty-nine bucks, yeah....welcome home baby!


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