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Vignettes throughout the home for Thanksgiving

Hi! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with one of the biggest family holidays coming, I decided to give a couple of rooms a vignette makeover for Thanksgiving.

But before I get started, I want to thank the TOHT Ladies for inviting me to do this with them. I am truly honored and blessed to be among such a positive and encouraging group of women! So please be sure to visit all of the links at the end of this post, because they have created an epic lineup of blogs all containing gorgeous Thanksgiving Vignettes.

Laura @ Decor to Adore

November is a whirlwind month for me. I de-pumpkin and de-mum my home for the most part in preparation for guests, food and of course my all time favorite holiday Christmas.

So I tend to lean towards adding more white in my color scheme where I can. To me it depicts the cooler temps at night we start getting. 

Fall Front Porch Idea

Oh and green too...I did have some red luscious apples on my porch, but the downside of feeding the birds and squirrels is:

They eat what is on my porch and in my garden.

So it was no big shocker when "Pisser" ate about a half a dozen apples I had staged yesterday on my porch.

It's a good thing he's cute!

So thankfully I have glass ones I picked up years ago at a resale shop.

How to decorate a cozy porch

Now if my glass ones go missing, you will see "wanted" posters all over the internet for his furry little butt!

Thanksgiving Vignette

Porch Decorating Ideas

I tried to keep decor on my porch to the simpler side of things. Because one other thing Thanksgiving means?

Aside from Family and great food?

Bags, bags bags.

Grocery bags filled with all kinds of groceries to make cakes, pies, cookies and the last thing anyone needs is me tripping over my own two feet. So I made sure I have a nice wide pathway to carry my bounty in the next couple of weeks.

Rustic Front Porch Decorating

Thanksgiving Vignettes in the Living Room

The living room got a small change too. White accessories. 

Of which I used to have very little. At least until I visited a thrift store and bought several hardcover books and chalk painted them all white.

Living room decorating idea for Fall

Thanksgiving Vignette

I just scattered the books and few other elements throughout the hutch to brighten it.

I freely admit that I am already trying to find a layout for where the christmas tree is going to go.

Its a sickness and I love it!

Living Room Decor

I may add more family photos to the hutch the closer we get to Thanksgiving, because that's what the holidays are truly about to us.

Modern Decorating for Winter.

home decor ideas

Home Interior Design

I keep the kitchen table staged for quick buffet style table and my green thumb.

Home Decorating

The kitchen windows face south and I am crossing my fingers I can keep all the plants alive by keeping them here in a sunny spot.

They used to hang out on my porch.

So cross your fingers!

Winter decor ideas

So I mixed in a smattering of dishes and silverware for a quick and easy buffet table should we have friends drop by.

Kitchen decor idea

Quick decorating idea

This week around my house I am prepping for Christmas. Yes I know it's a tad early, but I like to clean the decks and the windows before lights go up.

Plus last year we bought a new christmas tree and I think I need to add more lights to it. So I want to put it up and stare at it for a couple of days.

Just to see of course if I am right.


And also to drive Greg crazy. I have to get my jollies where I can!

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of a few vignettes around my home and come back soon to see more holiday decor and tablescapes.

Now please be sure to visit the tremendously talented bloggers below, because they have so much to share!