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Holiday Decor Ideas

Decorating my front porch for Christmas is one of the things I look forward to most.

It's also the one area I agonize over too. 

Christmas lights

If you knew how many times this porch has been changed in the past 3 weeks, you'd laugh. 

Several times!

I knew I wanted to bring the blue plaid back out. I knew the rockers were going to stay put.

But the brick wall? Yeah that gave me heartburn. I think I finally found something that I love.

Holiday Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Christmas decor on the porch

I finished this porch on a day that our temperatures were running about 4 degrees outside.

That was my level of commitment to get this done and I am so glad I did. Last night we got another round of lake effect snow.

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So there literally is another 7 to 8 inches of snow on this porch right now.

Which is fine by me, Christmas isn't Christmas unless there is snow outside!

Decorating a porch for Christmas

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Christmas decor ideas

I filled the lanterns with plastic blue ornaments and tied some ribbon and plaid to them as well.

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Christmas porch ideas

Instead of a wreath on the door I used a large moss covered basket filled with greenery and touches of gold.

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Front porch ideas for Christmas

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Front porch decorating ideas for Christmas

We added lit wreaths to all the North facing windows.  Each year I try and buy and light a couple more for the outside.

Note to self, next year let's move the 5 foot tall wreath to the driveway. 
Also to start doing the icicle lights all the way around the house.

Front porch idea for christmas decor

Hope you enjoyed my 2016 tour of our front porch.

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