Holiday Kitchen Tour for Christmas

Christmas Decor in the Kitchen | 

Christmas Decor in the kitchen - a holiday tour for people on a budget.

It's time to celebrate Christmas with a tour of my kitchen. The workhouse of any house. 

Since there is always a blonde barefoot in this kitchen making something, I kept is simple with the decor.

But in other ways I went over the top. Literally.

Adding holiday style to kitchen cabinetry.

The white icy garland on the chandelier is always my favorite. So I repeated it again this year. While taking photos I had a little photo bomber.

Ok he isn't so little. But it is ironic almost every dog we have usually matches our decor.

Christmas Decor in the kitchen - a rustic and refined holiday tour.

Chandelier decor for Christmas

 I tried to nudge him into another room with treats but he wouldn't budge.

He found a nice warm floor to nap on and wasn't interested in his master needing that spot for her tripod.

Christmas Home Tour of the Kitchen

 The dishware cabinet got a new makeover with more colorful glassware. Plus a little greenery.

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Christmas decorating on a budget in the kitchen

Inspirational ideas for Christmas Decor

 I did some rearranging in the butlers pantry too. I brought out the red stemware and my metallic holiday dishes.

It's still functional though for us. The large white mason jars hold snacks and the galvanized bins hold our festival of bread, muffins and tortillas.

Inspirational ideas for Christmas Decor

I'd like to go on record and say that the floor is spotless. 

In this house that's the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. Especially in the winter months when there is salt on our sidewalks.


 If you stop by however in a few days you will see our version of normal.

A random dog hair tumbleweed, and most likely glitter.

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Christmas Home Tour

Black and white kitchen decor - Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Granite countertops

Holiday tour in the kitchen for christmas 2016

Holiday decorating in the kitchen

 I took everything off the tops of my kitchen cabinets. For some reason this holiday season it was bugging me.

So I added branches from an old faux christmas tree, that we cut up.

And I was going to to just move my cast iron skillet to another room for 5 minutes to take this picture, but


welcome to my home.


Christmas Wreath idea - Don't neglect the area above the stove for the holidays.

 I hope you have enjoyed touring the kitchen all decked out for Christmas. Starting tomorrow I will start working on my Christma Day timeline. I like to write out what to do and when to do it, so I don't have to use my brain. I can have all the alcohol I want and not screw up my evening meal.

 For this holiday meal I am looking at twelve family and friends for Christmas dinner.

We are doing everyone's favorite "Steakhouse Fare".


Meat and cheese trays
Butterfly shrimp


Prime Rib
Crown Roast of Pork
Baked Potatoes
Dinner rolls


Chocolate chip cookies,
various chocolate candies
Peanut Butter Trifle
Gooey Butter Cake

Kitchen decor idea for the holidays

Happy Holidays!


Christmas Decor in the kitchen for people on a budget.