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Hi guys! I have been enjoying a couple days off from posting on the blog. Truth be told I had planned on just doing the link party this Sunday and then hitting it again next week with posting twice a week.

But I started looking back at all the DIY we did over 2016 and was smiling. I had no idea we got so much done around the house and felt kinda proud.

So I am sharing a look back at all our 2016 diy antics.

First I painted that dreary and dark kitchen table.

Chalk Painting Furniture

Then after seeing the backdoor entry, we started updating that space.

Modern Wainscoting DIY

Then we got outside for one of the dirtiest projects ever!

DIY cutting up old concrete

Then a new sidewalk went in.

Sidewalk Paver project

Then I had a idea for the front porch. This post gave us such a huge boost to curb appeal, I still love it!

Budget friendly curb appeal and how to get it.

Then it was a creekbed project that I thought would help with water runoff fro our sump pump.

River Creek Bed Project

Creek Bed DIY

Then I did one of my fastest DIY's and added a ton of wall decor to a large wall in the dining room. For very little money too!

DIY Wall Decor

DIY Wall Art on a Budget

Speaking of Dining Room I decided to finally fix that weird little closet in there.

So we repurposed an old door in prep to hang it like a barn door.

Barn Door DIY

Barn Door

Then I got inspired for the Living Room and we made a huge wall hutch and ya know I had to add some industrial or modern feel to it!

Modern Wall Hutch

Industrial DIY Furniture

Back to the back door. We did another wall with wainscoting.

DIY Modern Wainscoting

Budget DIY Projects - Wainscoting

I got my barn door track hardware so ya'll know what that means!

How to Install a Barn Door

How to install a barn door

After seeing all the great projects we did, I cannot wait for 2017 and finish up the back entry with one last wall of wainscoting or a new fence in the backyard.

Or a patio! A place to sit and eat or nap? I can't tell you how excited I am for that!

I hope you enjoyed a look back into a tiny amount of what we did last year and stay tuned for 2017. I think it's going to be a great year!


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