Holiday Decorating Ideas - The Entry is Done!

Holiday Decorating

I added some holiday decor to my entry. Keeping it simple but also trying to do something totally different then what I have done in past years was a lot harder then I thought.

It was hard not gravitate towards my usual tree decorated in this area with greenery fluffing it up and some woodsy ornaments.

I admit, it was in here.

For a day or so. Then I took another turn after I reminded myself I wanted this holiday decorating season to be totally different then last year.

I use the term recycled a lot when I make yard art from junk or old wood for DIY projects.

But for the holidays I didn't want the decor to look like I just amped up old pictures from last year.

Or worse. Recycled an old Christmas Post!

Holiday Decorating on a Budget

So this year I am trying to scrape every penny I can and update and/or add to my decor so it stays fresh for this year.

Entry decorated for Christmas

I admit, it's not easy! I have really good taste if I allow myself that humble brag. At least if I go by the prices of everything I like, I have good taste. Course I could have lousy taste in decor but pick the most expensive things on the shelves. Who knows!

I started by chalk painting my black bench into a nice greyish blue from leftover chalk paint. Now it matches my kitchen table. 

Then while browsing Big Lots I spied some snowflake placemats and bought two, knowing I could use them but not sure how yet. But for less then 3 dollars each?

I figured it out!

Decorating on a budget for the holidays

The other new purchase was a pillow I found at TJ Maxx that says "Merry and Bright". The gold stag deer pillow I've had for a year or two.

When I updated the Master bedroom a couple of months ago, the purchase of new bedding got me a free throw. So the throw ended up on the bench wrapped in some purple and silver ribbon.

Holiday decorating ideas

 A crab pot filled with greenery and a galvanized lantern flank the ends.

Decor for the holidays in the entry

Rustic Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor - rustic style

Small entry but big decor style

Budget friendly decorating ideas for Christmas

I thought about hanging a ton of snowflakes from the ceiling instead of using the placemats on the artwork.

So if I change my mind, you'll see an updated entry blog post.

Modern Holiday Decorating

Simple and easy holiday decor projects


But for now I am satisfied! 

Decorating a small entryway for the christmas season on a budget.

For this room I spent less than twenty five bucks. Not bad for my budget. 


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