Christmas Tree Reveal

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Out of every blog post or article I write, this one is always my favorite.

I love when the Christmas tree decorations get revealed! This is how I always start giving a holiday tour to my home. This year I have really tried to spend that extra little moment with the details.

I have also tried to amp up my decorations by adding more white with my tree in the living room. White colored ornaments were harder to find then I thought, let me tell you!

How to decorate a christmas tree

At least for what I wanted to pay for them. When you need a large amount of ornaments to a tree and don't have a couple hundred dollars to spend just on ornaments, it's time to get crafty and smart.

Decorating for Christmas

I am going to try and break it down for you because I know how expensive it can be when you want a color you don't have a lot of, or worse. This is your first tree and you have to start from scratch? Yikes! 

90% of the ornaments on my living room tree are brand new. With the exception of 12 simple white shiny balls, the white tassils and 6 glittery pinecones, every white ornament and antler you see is brand new. The frosted greenery picks are not.

The antler picks were one dollar each and I chalk painted them white. (Hobby lobby 50% sale)

Decorating a Christmas Tree on a Budget

Ideas for Holiday Decorating

Also from Hobby Lobby I bought large quantities of the same ornaments over and over. To me that's key! So when they had gorgeous white matte ornaments, I bought 4 boxes of 4. (50% off). Each ornament you see is usually repeated at least 8 or nine times on the tree unless it's a big ornament. I keep those close to the bottom or shoved deep inside the tree.

Classic and timeless holiday looks for your Christmas Tree

Modern and stylish christmas tree

I have about 30 ornaments on this tree from the Dollar Tree. Again, some are shoved deep inside and some are hanging outside more visible.

Decorating a Christmas Tree with Dollar Store ornaments

Decorating a Christmas Tree with HomeGoods ornaments

Rustic Holiday Decor

I did pop some coin $$$ for a few pricey picks too, I bought 3 large champagne colored sprays. (I think after the sale price they were 8 bucks each?) But I cut the sprays up into 3 pieces so they weren't so dominating on the tree.

It enabled me to have 9 little cascades at the bottom of my tree instead of 3 big ones. I like it!

How to decorate a Christmas Tree like a Professional without breaking the bank.

I also added a light amount of white mesh and ribbon tied in bows. But not a lot. The 9' long hutch got styled as well as you can see below. If you'd like to see how that got made, you can read our Modern Wall Hutch Post. FYI Though, this hutch is now hanging in my Entryway. Yes, I move things around a lot.

Budget ideas to decorate for Christmas

How to stage a christmas Tree

I bought 2 white swags from Pier One that were 30% off. They were high on glitter and tiny little balls, and I used my heavy duty wire cutters and cut them up into sprays and poked them so they laid on branches all around the tree.

Tips and tricks for christmas decorating.

My oldest daughter tries to buy me one ornament every year that marks her Christmas home. So those go on the tree too.


Winter wonderland Christmas Tree

I bought small mercury balls at HomeGoods. 3 boxes of them at seven dollars a box. Because again quantity of the same ornament gives my tree a flow to it, or a continuity I love. Some of these ornaments are deep inside where the twinkle lights hit them and give such a glow to my tree.

There are 3 sets of twinkle lights and I shoved them deep inside the tree for a glowing effect, I found these at target and it's the tiny filament wire ones. Not the old fashioned white or green wires that always show on your tree no matter what.

They are amazing, they have two different kinds, battery operated twinkle ones or plug in ones that don't twinkle.

Tree decorating ideas for the holidays

I took a picture of the battery box, it's tucked inside out of sight. It has a 6 hour timer so after I click it on, it shuts off around 10:30. I love that!

How to put ornaments on a christmas tree

Even if you can see the wire, it looks like tinsel! I am in love with that and the price too (especially since these were relatively new in my area), I found them half the price then any other store in town.

Using dollar tree ornaments and mixing them with others for a classic and timeless christmas tree.

There are soft purple balls, both big and small on the tree. Clear glass ones too. I had to try and get a couple closeups at night when it's just shines.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Lighting a Christmas Tree

I admit, all in I probably did spend about 200 dollars to style this tree, but I started buy ornaments in October. Plus if I had just went to one store and not chalk paint cheap ones to the color I needed, or cut up white garland or shopped at the Dollar Tree? It would have been twice that amount!


Coming up in the next week I will be revealing more Christmas Décor as I get it done. We'll see! Right now I am just enjoying the tree decorated for Christmas.

Holiday Tree Decorating on a Budget but with professional results!

Merry Christmas!

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