Updated Windows in the Dining Room

Dining Room Updates

Well that didn't take long. The old orange glow wood windows that are original to the house got a new look.

And they look so much better!

They also got some new trim as well. Now they match what we did in the kitchen and around the doorway too.

Dining Room Updates

Updates to the Dining Room

Updates to the Dining Room

And the best news of all?

We actually have sunlight today! I read an article that said January is the hardest month in yankee territory due to lack of sunlight.

3 to 4 weeks without sunlight was depressing and really made me want to buy a sun lamp, or relocate back to florida! 

Restoring old windows and updating the Dining Room

So I am going to celebrate today's weather as much as I can!

The other thing I want to do is think about the chandelier in this room. The black isn't working for me and I need to figure out whether to replace this light, or give it a makeover.

Dining Room Update - new molding and restring the windows

 I was called crazy for buying this light at a thrift store.

It was 25 bucks and all brass. But it was big, and it works.

Updating old windows in the dining room

 There are so many choices! Paint it, add some crystals.

Scour for a new one and give this one a new home somewhere else.

I'd love to hear what you would do.

Especially since I can't make up my mind!

Updating the dining room - restoring antique windows