Decorating for Winter in Entryway

Winter decor in the entry using soft pretty muted colors and texture.

Adding touches of winter to the entry today, using soft muted colors and tons of texture.

I tried to mix in soft colors that help dispel any winter blues.

Mixing farmhouse style and modern lines in the entryway for winter

Or the occasional fit that the sun tends to disappear more during winter. That's one of the hardest parts of a southern girl being relocated to yankee territory.

In Florida we probably average ten days out of the whole year where we don't have any sun.

But here, Yikes.

We can go a whole month without it.

Decorating a small entryway with muted colors and farmhouse decor.

 Now don't get me wrong, I am all for adding warm whites, tons of texture like fluffy throws.

But greenery and color are my best friends lately.

Decorating a small entryway

Entryway Decor

They can really cheer a gal up!

Decorating the entryway


The only new thing I used to change up the entry is the tiny pop of pink. I bought some faux greenery at my local craft store.

Wreath idea for winter

 The cute little six pack of milk bottles was a christmas present from Greg.

Does he know me or what!

Creative uses for antique ladders or galvanized crab pots


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