Farmhouse Porch for Spring

Porch decorating ideas using Pantone's color of 2017 on a budget to welcome friends and family in style!

Lets have a picnic shall we? I feel like some laughs, some great food and let's invite spring into it too shall we?

So if a bunny or two shows up, we'll have plenty of entertainment.

Porch decorating

This year I did the black and white timeless theme, with touches of green and a small amount of purple.

I've got a couple of new items on my porch and a lot of great pieces I have picked up in the past ten years too.

The rockers, tables, wreaths and artwork are all things I have had for  years. I just re-purpose them to fit my mood. Like the metal artwork. That used to be a trellis until a grinder cut the legs off of it.

I'm sure you've seen it's partner in my dining room. Both used to be in the backyard until we had to tear it up for some plumbing work.

Porch decorating ideas

The pillows, rug and concrete bunnies are all new guests that now live with me.

They followed me home.

Spring decor for the patio or porch

The green pillows are a Costco purchase.

The black and white ones are from hobby lobby and were on clearance. (5 dollars each)

The rug I got at Target. I saved money on this purchase by buying it online and picking it up at my local store.

Shows you what I know, I didn't know they'd give me a discount if I bought it online and did a store pickup! 20% off is lunch money right?

How to decorate a small porch or patio that welcomes friends and family.

The adorable little concrete bunnies I got at Tuesday Morning. I loved them so much  paid full price for those. ($13.00 each)

I have everything setup to have quite a cute picnic with the bunny family. There is even sweet tea or wine if you prefer.

Adding curb appeal to welcome guests to your home

Curb appeal on the porch

Decorating with black and white decor for a timeless look

I am not going to talk about the frozen water white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky, that the weather forecaster says will visit us tonight and tomorrow.

We all know he's a liar.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Decorating on a budget for spring.

I am going to reside in denial and just have a bunny picnic, dreaming of tulips and chirping birds.

Farmhouse style decorating on the porch to welcome guests.

Rustic porch decorating on a budget

Dcorating a modern ranch house on a budget

How to decorate on a budget for a timeless and modern look.

This is a much nicer way to look at things I think.

Don't you?

Outdoor space decorating ideas

Porch decorating ideas using Pantone's color of 2017 on a budget to welcome friends and family in style!

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