Colorful and Casual Tablescape for Entertaining

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Simple and elegant dining at home with a colorful yet casual tablescape

Setting a colorful tablescape today to distract me. Aldi's had house plants and I couldn't pass up the fern.

It's one of my favorite indoor plants, even though after 4 months indoors mine always drive me nuts with the shedding.

Simple and elegant dining at home

 Why do I need distracting you ask? 

Because I was just at Costco and they have a cedar outdoor pergola, that looks like it was made for me.

And my heart wants it desperately.

Like sell a kidney desperately. Or most of my dishes.
Colorful and casual tablescape for entertaining family and friends in rustic style

Colorful tablescape for casual dining

 I realize I am suppose to be above materialistic things at my age but did I mention it would match the wood on my front porch perfectly?

Or that it has a metal roof? and steel construction!

Joanna Gaines inspired table with farmhouse elegance.

 It's as if the manufacturer specifically asked God

"what would make Christine's heart flutter?"

Metal roof, OK do it.

Cedar? Oh yeah and make the columns impressively big. Like Joanna Gaines Farmhouse big.

See, it was made for me. The one at my local store has a darker roof, which I love.


It's not that I am a materialistic person but think about what I could do under this glorious piece of architecture?


I could nap! Not to even mention the garden beds I could design around it.

Farmhouse table setting for spring

Creative use for crab pot as a dining table centerpiece.

Ok, I need to quit or I am not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Tablescape with farmhouse style for casual dining.

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