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Living room decor ideas

A new look in the living room for this woman's sanity. Or we can call this "Living Room Tour Part Two".

Yes I completely went off the rails and changed things around.
Not only did I re-arrange the entire room, we took down the 8 foot hutch that was hanging behind the couch.

I had some wall patching to do where for some reason the paint come off where a screw was. Then of course there was the inevitable touch up painting to be done.

Living room

I never thought of doing this type of living room layout before, simply because my couch is 96" long. I always followed the rule of putting the couch on the longest wall.

I didn't think I had the width for good traffic flow. If I remember right my living room measures 14 feet by 22 feet, so it's a bit of a rectangle. 

But this looks really nice when you walk into the room, I have to say!

Living room decor

Living room layout ideas

My plan one day (soon) is to knock out an opening where the ladder is and open this room up to the dining room.

Decorating the Living Room with farmhouse rustic style and industrial furniture.

Farmhouse Decor in the Living Room

I am aware that it was just last week I gave everyone a tour of this room all decked out for spring. The minute I hit publish, I knew I wanted the hutch to come down.

So I just had to break the news to the muscle. 

I love the hutch, don't get me wrong, that diy project we did, was gorgeous. But it was also a large dust magnet and it made my living room seem small. So now it is in the basement, awaiting a new look and home.

Living room ideas

I also am not a fan of walking into a room and the focal point is the TV. I have always tried to minimize it, but this new layout works really well.

Industrial Living room ideas

Country Living Room Ideas for that rustic look

I also did this new layout to test out how the traffic pattern will flow. I cheated a bit and kept the wingback chairs out toward the edge of my rug and not tucked up next to the sofa.

That gives us a nice walk through.

Country Living Room Ideas

I also got my hands on some charcoal colored chalk paint and took the black shine off the media console. I tucked a couple of trays underneath and put all my favorite decorator books in them.

It also does the double duty of hiding the ugly cords.

TV media console ideas

I also tweaked the entry. I switched out the sofa tables so that black was on both sides of the doorway for symmetry. 

Decorating ideas

Now if you stop by to visit, you will get to hear the story from hubby about the time I rearranged the LR, and failed to leave a light on

and he tripped and fell over the sofa.

Seeing as how I did this in the daylight, I don't think I am going to be hearing a loud thud and a crash with this new layout.

Tell me what you think, leave me a comment below!

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