Early Spring Garden Maintenance

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Garden Bed Ideas

I try to showcase my garden beds at least 5 times a year. Well this year I decided to start the season off by using a new color mulch and also to give a tour before all those gorgeous blooms start showing up. 

So you can really see the layout and design. 

It only took me 8 years to get to this point, 

but hey I am on a budget! 

This isn't one of those households where we can go out and drop 10K on a curb appeal and let someone else do it.

Flower bed Ideas for Spring

This is all me baby, with help of course.

Last Fall I planted about 50 more tulips and they are starting to pop up, the little beauties!

Spring Garden Ideas

 There is about to be a helluva lotta purple and pink tulips in here real soon. Plus the Alliums, those little show stoppers are coming up too.

Garden Bed Design

I have to tell you, usually vehicles start to slow down to gawk when the alliums show up, but adding this high contrast colored much? They are already gawking. 

If you haven't tried using black mulch, I would recommend it. The contrast is gorgeous and we don't even have blooms yet.

Adding the mulch today, all I could do was remember all the new plants I added last year.

The purple smoke bush, the artemisia, the fuzzy wuzzy lambs ear.

Thought I forgot the name of THAT plant didn't ya!

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I have been cleaning up the garden beds slowly the past couple of weeks. Cutting back the coneflowers and sedums. I like to leave those during the winter for the birds and garden interest. 

Garden Bed Ideas for a Ranch style house

How to maintenance garden and flower beds

 This garden bed does have a couple of evergreens for winter color but I may want to add one or two more. 

But I am going to wait til mid summer, I want to see how things grow first.

Garden Maintenance for Spring

Garden bed with black mulch

Just a little note to me, these beds all mulched equals 35 bags of mulch, including the 3 leftover that are hanging out looking for bare spots. 

Garden Bed Ideas

Ideas for a garden bed

Now onto the backyard.

I hope!

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