Backyard Makeover on a Budget

Backyard Makeover on a Budget

After having my entire backyard re-graded, I  needed to create an oasis on a budget.

And fast!
This lady needs a place to enjoy the outdoors on a hot sunny afternoon. I think of it a payback for all the dirt underneath my fingernails right now.

To refresh your memory, this side of the yard was completely decimated by a Bobcat last summer. So I am pretty much stating from scratch.

Oh and scratch is kind of what my budget is too.

Greg and I have been doing DIY projects for days and days, so I decided to start a new garden bed.

I continued the straight run on the opposite side of the door, so now it's symmetrical. Plus I found the same native grasses I bought last year.

Creating a backyard oasis on a budget

How to add a new garden bed

Below is a look at how last years bed is doing.

Not bad. But I am surprised at how the lemon grasses are spreading so fast, but not the Reed Grasses (Karl Foerster) in the back.

Oh well, Spring has just started, so who knows how they will look in two months.

Budget gardening with low water plants

Plus I still have a long way to go to getting a backyard oasis. One step at a time right?

A different step we took was to add a "She Shed" in the yard, for me.

Greg and I shopped around and found a pretty good deal on a 8' x 10', so we have been doing a ton of prep work to get it done over the weekend.

So this new bed also got a relocated arborvitae too. Don't mind those large wooden stools, they got shoved out of the way. I'll move them in a bit.

Four season color for the garden bed using evergreens

Due to our winds, we staked it to keep it from falling over. Its about 8 feet high and sways like a huge sail.

The shed is being placed behind the garage at an angle.

Building the new she shed for our backyard oasis

This was a compromise. I wanted it at the end of the property, but Greg wanted it closer for security purposes.

Looking at this view below, don't get discouraged!

My goal is:

To paint the garage to match the shed walls.
Figure out a new way to disguise the "Blue Beast" that we use to go 4 wheeling.
Pretty up the surrounding area.

Turning an ordinary shed into a she shed

I still have mulch to add, and that large rusty hoop Yard Art sculpture that Greg welded for me too.

I found an old metal frame in Greg's scrap metal pile, that used to be my old sofa table. I may take that back and see if that can be useful in this area too. Potting bench? 

We relocated several arborvitaes in order to have the shed where its at. 

New shed in the backyard

I flanked the shed with two, a third you saw by the back door.

Adding a she shed for a backyard makeover to the garden.

The lawnmower will go in here, as well as gas cans, propane, etc. It has a skylight for light inside it, which I thought was brilliant. Plus windows on both sides for ventilation and light when needed.

Backyard makeover with a new she shed on a budget

The inside is going to be all function, but my hope is to have the outside all pretty.

Backyard Makeover on a Budget

Onto the next step. Some aspirin for my aching back, a cold drink and more shopping for this yard!

What's left for this transformation:

A new back door
New furniture
Shade structure or Gazebo
New riding lawnmower
Paver / Rock Patio

I just have to decide how much to spend and what is priority right now.