Dining Room

Dining Room Tour showcasing Farmhouse / Industrial Style

Decorating the Dining Room by combining farmhouse and industrial for a wonderful eclectic casual mix.

This definitely seems to be a style I love and can relate too.

So when I came upon these chairs that had the perfect color and the right amount of metal as an industrial / modern touch?

Farmhouse Dining Room Updates

I snagged them up!

I moved the bench out and will relocate it to a new home. I also put the other tall french style chairs that flanked the other side in the kitchen.

Modern Dining Room Updates

Decorating Ideas for Farmhouse and Industrial Style

 I am so over the top excited about these chairs, it's ridiculous.

Mixing Industrial and farmhouse Decor in the rustic Dining Room

 Chairs that have a pull or handle in the back, have always appealed to me for some reason. You don't see them that often. 

I've been browsing a lot for new dining room chairs and almost bought some metal "Joanna Gaines" type chairs, but after seeing them in several of the Fixer Upper Home reveals, I decided to follow my own style and just keep looking.

Until I saw these at Home Goods.

Plus these chairs are so much lighter and easier to pull out from the table.

Decorating ideas for the Dining Room

Dining Room - Spring DIY Update

Dining room decor - mixing farmhouse with industrial

I just love new Spring shopping splurges don't you?

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