Backyard Makeover - Part 2


One day at a time we have been working in the backyard.

Trying to create a space that on our worst day, we want to spend time in.
And I can say we are getting closer. Above you saw some annuals I bought. To be truthful I have bought quite a lot these past two weeks for the backyard. 

A local department store is closing and they had galvanized buckets for 5 bucks each. So I snatched every one I could find. I am going to follow a local junk dealers advice and spray these babies with some apple cider vinegar to "age" them up and them plant all the purple petunias in two buckets and the white ones in the other two buckets.

Gardening projects - aging galvanized buckets

I also bought myself a nice, pretty, brand new riding lawn mower.

Got a five minute verbal walk through from Hubby on how to use it.

I cut approximately 50 blades of grass and he kicked me off the damn thing.

Apparently he wanted to try it out too. He proceeded to cut the rest of the yard. When he got home and saw it, I asked:

Ya like it?
His answer was: "I don't care, you're the one who wanted a new mower."

But after he kicked me off my new toy, I was yelling "Uhhhh I think you do like it ya redneck!" 

riding lawn mower

riding lawn mower

So then I bought something he could't kick me off of.

An outdoor sectional

New outdoor furniture for the patio

There was one large issue I just had to handle before I could relax and even start to call this spot the beginning of an outdoor oasis.

The view behind the new couch.

The star and planing stages of a patio area

Yeah, that's not my garage, nor is it a view I want to see everyday. I can't tell you how may times every Spring my neighbor promises to deal with that mess and then the next time I see him he is using a walker, or on crutches.

Well I can't control what my neighbors do, but I can control what I see from my small part of the world.

So Home Depot here we come to create a view that's more to my liking.

Home depot trip to buy more diy supplies

Four large 4" x 4" x 8' posts dug into the ground, and set into concrete later.

I'm off to a good start of blocking things I don't want to see.

The easiest way to create a better view in your backyard a diy project on a budget.

Outdoor Living Space - creating an outdoor oasis in stages without breaking the bank.

Seeing this view I know what you're thinking.
"How come you didn't put your patio in first, then buy the furniture and then fix the view?"

My mind just does not work that way. I originally thought we would need a patio at least 33' by 33'.

Me buying the sectional (Lowes) showed me exactly how much patio I am going to really need.

So now I am saving approximately half the money I thought I was going to have to spend.

Patio Area Do It Yourself on a Budget

Plus after buying a extra large umbrella, now I can really see how things are going to function and I can test them out.

The posts are "permanent", but the couch can always be moved to the other side, closer to the garage. I can turn this area into our outdoor dining space.

I am going to have fun testing it out.

To turn these four posts into a screen, we'll be using more galvanized metal sheets with a staggered effect.

Do it yourself weekend projects on a budget

I may add some color to these posts with some black ebony stain. 

That'll pop off the metal won't it!

Modern patio areas

Have no fear, I am not even close to done with completing this "screen".

The empty spaces are going to be filled too, but I am thinking on using wood slats. Maybe. 

I can go with lattice, or maybe flower boxes. But I want something that will instantly block the view, not after the flowers grow bigger.

How to create a better view in your yard

I also plan to add a layer of tall plants in the back of the screen. I am thinking arborvitae because I can get 6' tall ones for very little $$$, and that will add a nice texture with all the wood and metal.

Then when the Mulberry tree leafs out, that will be nice!

Designing a backyard patio on a budget

Things are slowly coming together! I now have a reason to stay motivated to finish up this backyard.

And I see it every time I walk outside.