Simple Table Decorations for Spring

How to set a creative table

Looking for quick and easy table decorating ideas, then I have one for you.

No one likes to spend hours setting the table, so why do it? I am always trying to find ways to reuse what I have lying around on end tables or even outside that I can put on my dining room table.

Table decorations

 I have spent every waking minute outside these past two weeks planting containers and trying to create a outdoor oasis, so time inside has been quick, easy and definitely no fuss!

Budget table decor to entertain family & friends

Centerpiece ideas for the table

 So I decided my Dining room table needed a little color and purple fit the bill.

Spring and summer decor

 I also clipped some tulips from the garden and brought them in.

I am so glad I plant at least 50 every fall. I can clip half of my tulips and there are still lots outside to bring me joy.

It's the best of both the indoor and outdoor world.

Quick and easy table styling for the home

Tablescape to entertain family and friends in style

 Quick and easy candles, bunnies and that's what I call a quick and easy table decoration.

Dining Room styled up with quick and easy table decor for spring

 When I see this view I am happy we have been working so hard outside to make it just as nice.

That way I can start doing outdoor dining tablescapes.

Simple Table Decor for Spring


Simple table decorations to welcome family to the dinner table.

What have you been up to lately?