Garden Update for April

Container Garden with tons of color

Garden ideas for the backyard with yard art and container gardens.

Seeing as how last year my backyard got almost completely tore up, I am going to add some new interest and on a budget too. 

And so far I am off to a good start. While browsing the flea market yesterday I scored an industrial type garbage can, that was coated in a hideous cream epoxy paint.

flower garden

So while Greg was sanding that off, I started playing with some pansies in the urns by the back door.



The flea market vendor, sold me the garbage can for 5 bucks! So my budget is loving me right now.

When it ages a bit over the summer, it will look great. So since I saved big bucks on my container I splurged on the plant(s).

The tree was a $30 splurge, but I am getting a lot of impact for my buck.

Trash to treasure container garden

Garden Ideas

I circled it with more pansies and some potato vine too.

Once it starts dripping over the side I will be drooling!

Garden Ideas for the Backyard

We loaded the container down with chunks of leftover concrete to keep it from getting blown over.

Today we are getting wind gusts of about 40 MPH, so gardening is becoming a challenge. Especially since a thunderstorm is rolling in.

So I had to be quick!

Container garden

There is another score I haven't had a chance to share with you until now.  I found two rusty rings. They probably used to be old wheels. They were covered in snow and filthy. So the junk dealer let me have them for 20 bucks each!

welding rusty steel

Garden ideas for the backyard - Yard art

These rusty little babes have been leaning up against my garage for over a month. I am excited to see Greg weld a rusted gear to them as a base.

To keep them from (hopefully) falling over.

Do it yourself trash to treasure
After he is done, I get to find the perfect spot for it.

And then buy more plants for the backyard.

Do it yourself trash to treasure

 Art Ideas for the garden

If the weather will let me, I will be back outside with it, tomorrow.

For now I am going to let nature water in my new annuals.

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