Backyard Makeover Ideas that anyone can do on a budget

Taking this barren sand dune of a backyard to an outdoor space where we can lounge, eat and maybe even enjoy a nap is getting closer and closer.

When the weather cooperates at least.

  I thought you'd appreciate an update on what we've done so far in the two days that we've had decent weather.

I found a spot for the latest yard art sculpture. I almost hung a rusty brown chandelier inside but I want to see if I can hang it in a more prominent area first.

Yard Art Sculpture

 I planted a white perennial called "Storm Cloud" (Amsonia tabernaemontana) underneath it.
When it fills in, it should really highlight the rusty hoops. I snapped a pic before I planted it. I like the flower, it has a wispy airy feel that might be a great contrast to metal.

Perennial flowers in the backyard

Some other perennials got messed with too. I thought, well as long as I am in this bed, it needs a makeover too. 

Budget Backyard Makeover A DIY Project one weekend at a time

 Where the hoop is, there used to be a 10' foot tall green arborvitae. My original plan was to prune it to a desired shape.

Well I learned the hard way that if you need an arborvitae to stay a certain height you need to prune it yearly. Not 5 years after the fact.  It was so packed with greenery and leaves on the outside perimeter, that when it got trimmed, it almost looked like sticks.

So we took it out. Lesson learned.
Prune yearly so the greenery stays closer to the trunk. I also looked up trimming this type of evergreen and it was recommended to only have one major stalk or "leader" in the center, it supposedly helps with pruning and keeping a more tidy conical shaped evergreen.

If you know that's true leave me a comment below. The yellow evergreen; stayed put. That bush you see on the right side is a hydrangea that used to be behind the yellow evergreen. 

My peony bush looks like it experienced a bit of shock because of all the work we have been doing in this bed.

But I pray it will bud! I am anxious for some peony blooms this year.


We also squared this garden bed off instead of having it as a sweeping curve. Greg likes square shaped beds, says they are easier to mow around.

I just like that it got a makeover because it was getting a bit crowded and overgrown.

Backyard - Outdoor Living Area on a Budget

Update on the privacy screen:

I had Greg install more galvanized metal to the center panel, at the bottom. Also, he has requested we make the screen wider, going closer to the a/c unit. I can't say I blame him, he wants two more posts installed, both going closer to the house. I want one more on EACH end.

He is going to add one more and we'll step back and take another look. The tree behind it is going to have to come out. I'm not sure when but I remembered that it is a Mulberry tree.

That drops dark colored berries.


and that is not going to happen on my new outdoor sectional. So I am going to have to come up with a battle plan. I could (temporarily) move the furniture out of harms way. I did pack the cushions away last weekend, as all we have had lately is 40 degree temps and 40 mph winds too.

As for the screen, we decided on the blue colored camo netting. So he will be making frames to staple the camo too, then screwing those to the posts we cemented in the ground.

Backyard Ideas

Providing we have good weather of course.

Backyard Garden

 Things are slowly shaping up. We still have a patio base to add, new screen door, and paint the garage. Plus a list of small to do's. But we are getting more and more excited, as we progress.

Perennial Garden Flower Bed with evergreens, hydrangeas

We repurposed an old sofa table to place behind the sectional, and cut down my old rusty dining table.

It is now a very sturdy (and heavy) coffee table.

DIY Backyard makeover

But I did manage to plant some pretty purple petunias in buckets.

Annual Flower - Petunia

I can't wait to sit out here with a drink and watch them grow.