Blue and White Table

Blue and white table

Setting a blue and white color scheme for anything is definitely a winning combo, especially for a dining room table.

That's why I decided to do my outside patio in that color scheme. But since it has been raining for over a week, I decided to play with some blue and white inside my home. 

Blue and white table decor

 I am really anxious to start some outdoor entertaining, but the patio area is far from finished and the weather just isn't cooperating either.

So I will have to be content with my dining room for a few more weeks.

Blue and white Entertaining Ideas

Which is really not going to be easy. I have a new grill I want to break in!

blue and white farmhouse table

Beach inspired table decor using blue and white

 The blue candle holders I actually bought for outside, so you will see them again, once Madam Mother Nature gets it together.

I think I found those at Big Lots. Everything else I already had.

Blue and white table for entertaining

table decor in blue and white for a beautiful tablescape

Here is to hoping I can get outside to finish up the patio area soon!