DIY Project - Painting the Garage

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DIY Project - Adding huge value to your home by painting aluminum siding

As DIY Projects go, I have to say this one has the biggest impact for the least amount of money.

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to add value and curb appeal to your home is to truly know the power of paint.

Two gallons of paint has completely transformed my dated garage.

Painting this dated aluminum siding in one weekend has been such a joy, you have no idea. Take a look at how dated our garage looked before we painted it.

Even the garden and yard art play second fiddle to this color. They fade into the background.

Well that is about to change!

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 Our garage is brick in the front and siding on the other 3 sides. So after Greg power washed it, I got to painting the next day.

Mostly because I wanted to see if I picked the right color for our house. Plus I could not take looking at the old color one more day.

The best way to add value to your home

 Even after getting halfway done with the first wall, I knew I picked a good color. 

I was so relieved! I mean I pick good colors for living rooms, kitchens, but our master bedroom? I have had  repaint that room 3 times! I finally just painted it white and called it quits.

I didn't want that to happen again with this paint project. Here's how I picked the color:

There is a lot of dark brown in the roof and brick of my home. The other 2 colors of the brick are a cream a brownish orange. So I picked the cream color and instead of trying to match it, I tried to go with an updated version of it.

Take a look.

Phenomenal DIY Projects to do in one weekend.

 Even the back of the garage looks better. 

Even if the chipped paint on the windows has been washed off. But I will get to those soon!

DIY Projects - Painting the Garage

 This color makes me so happy, it makes me kick myself that I didn't buy two gallons of exterior paint years ago.

Garage - painting aluminum siding

A lot of my pictures were taken with my cell phone and the Sun is beating down, but it is looking wonderful.

How to add curb appeal on a budget

Now I won't have to crop the garage out of my pictures because the gross color.

Garage paint colors - painting aluminum siding in one weekend.

The side door and the garage door will be next on my wish list. They need new trim and paint, plus the window needs painting. But to me, that's the easy part.

I moved a rusty flea market planter to pretty up this side of the garage.

Also because the 3 foot tree topiary I had in here got blasted with 45 mph winds and literally snapped it in half.

So I found a gorgeous lavender topiary, and stuck it in a much safer spot.

It's not as tall as its predecessor, but it will work.

Adding value to the home by updating the major aspects

Now I can't wait to see new trim and new paint on the door.

DIY Projects that anyone can do

Plus I have more changes coming to the backyard.

DIY Projects that anyone can do

Stay tuned because I have more DIY Projects coming up.

I think you're going to like it!

Painting a Garage