Backyard Update No. 2

Backyard Makeover on a Budget  

Backyard makeover on a budget

One day, one dollar, one hot day at a time. This budget backyard makeover is slow going, but it is making me so happy!

As you can see the privacy screen is just about done.  We are thinking of aging the galvanized metal to a dull finish.

Below shows the start of aging it. It has been sanded and sprayed with "Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner".

How to age Metal

After that pic was taken we hosed it down and set it aside to see how it reacts. I'll loop ya in on the next backyard update. 

We got most of the blue camouflage installed. I am not going to do a tutorial on it. It's a no brainer. We measured and made frames, covered and stapled the netting to them, then screwed them into the 4" x 4" x 8' posts.

How to create a Industrial Privacy Screen on a Budget.

You'll notice we did widen the screen, and installed two more posts. Both going closer to the house. I may just scoot the umbrella and sectional closer to the house instead of installing one last post. 

I have an idea that may mean I need more garden beds though. 

How to create a cozy Outdoor Space on a Budget.

 I feel like if I enclose this space on the left hand side with maybe a river birch tree and a flower bed it will really feel cozy.

Budget Backyard Makeover

Mother's day we had a backyard BBQ and I still hadn't bought mulch for this flower bed.

So I added blue lanterns to distract people from that. But hopefully this week or next I'll get to it.

My poor Nine bark bush below...

I moved it a couple of weeks ago as the other shrubs in the area were crowding it out. So hopefully it is rebounding nicely. I just fertilized the backyard Saturday, so hopefully that will help.

 The rusted candle chandelier got inserted into the two large rusty wheels. It also got raised up higher.

Which I like a lot better. I tested solar powered lights in there but no luck. The garage overhang does not let the sunlight hit this spot.

So I am on to plan B. When I figure out what that is I'll let you know. Candles would melt. I am thinking on maybe battery operated candles, but they wouldn't tolerate the rain.

Yard art

 Speaking of tolerating. I cannot take it anymore.

I dragged the power washer out to clean the aluminum siding in preparation for the garage to finally be painted!

Bye bye 1960's burgundy, hello camel colored taupe! Say a prayer, cross your fingers, I hope the color works well with the brick on the front of the garage and the the house.

It's a neutral so I don't want to over think it. I'll just drive myself crazy.

Backyard Budget makeover - from Sand Dune to oasis.

Wish me luck, cause I am going to need it!