Spring Garden

Garden ideas for a color packed low maintenance flower packed yard

There is nothing like the beauty of a garden you built from scratch to give you amazing curb appeal as well as a huge sense of accomplishment.

 May to June is when my front yard comes to life with leaves. The tulips have been cut for flower arrangements and the shrubs are just starting to strut their stuff.

Low Maintenance Perennials to grow for a color packed garden

 Now is when I am starting to see if all that shrub relocating last year is going to pay off.

 My alliums are just popping open and I am already making notes to buy more for fall planting.

Garden Interest

 I've got some tulip stems to cut down. Sometimes I like to leave the foliage until things fill in a bit.

Gardening with Perennials

Gardening with Bulbs

Curb Appeal

Perennial Garden Ideas

It's hard to know where to spend more time. In the front garden or the back.

If you've been following along you know my backyard is a work in progress. But this past weekend we had a nice sized get together and it was just perfect.

With the new outdoor sectional we had tons of seating and the conversations never stopped.

Low Maintenance Perennials to grow

  Those are the kind I like.

Curb appeal ideas

Zone 5 Garden Ideas

River Bed

 I should be seeing some peony blooms real soon. 

Like any day now soon! I searched for a tree peony a couple of weeks ago, I've been wanting to add one to my yard. But when I saw that it was close to 100 dollars?

I'll wait!

Gardening Ideas

My priorities right now are getting the backyard finished.

And make it as pretty as the front.


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