June Garden Tour

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June is a gardeners favorite month. Ok, April through November are the favorites, but who is counting.

So I thought you'd appreciate seeing what's blooming so far. Plus I get to show you what I have learned.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Lambs Ear 

I have seen this perennial many many times in garden stores, but I never knew it sprouted tiny purple flowers?!?

Fuzzy Wuzzy lambs Ear

So as you can see, I was just tickled purple with this addition I added last year.

Below since my porch is shady I have some creeping jenny and some fuchsia in a black pot on either side of the stairs.

I went petunia nuts in the backyard, so I figured these annuals deserved a try on the porch.


Last year I moved about 7 mop head hydrangeas that were not performing.

Well some of them have buds and are blooming I am happy to say. Apparently they just wanted more sunlight.

Mop head Hydrangea

My oakleaf varieties are performing as expected.




The purple bell flower looks wonderful this year. They are loving the fertilizer and the rock garden next to it. It is a spreader though, so I have to keep an eye on it, because it in highly invasive. 

I had a hard time trying to contain it before I laid down landscaping fabric and rock to keep it where I wanted it.

Purple Bell Flower

I dug up some of the beardtongue that is on the opposite end of this garden (last year) and it is loving this sunny spot. I may move the rest of it over here. The west side might be a touch shady for it due to the neighbors huge trees blocking the sunlight.

Best perennials for the garden - beardtongue

The Orange Butterfly Weed I planted last summer seems to be getting off to a good start.

Orange Butterfly Weed

The best Hydrangea to grow ever!


The purple salvia has to be the best perennial. It has never let me down.

I am getting ready to trim this back so it will flush out again and give me more blooms in late July or August, just in time for fall.

Garden - salvia

Well that's it for the front yard.

If the mulberry tree in the back cooperates I am hoping next Monday I will be able to give ya'll a tour of the new backyard almost done. I still have a couple of small tweaks but I am anxious to show it off.