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Backyard - Budget patio makeover

I am calling this backyard makeover officially done! Using some DIY muscle, tenacity and good old fashioned will power, we took this barren backyard and turned into a spot that even on the hottest days, we will want to spend time in.

And on a budget too!

Let's start with a look back at what we were living with last year.

A complete sand dune. 

All the garden beds - gone.
Any trace of shade - non existent.
Sidewalk - gone.
Grass - also gone. 

It took us 3 months to get here. Late last summer, early fall we did manage to get a new sidewalk in, so I knew that this Spring, we would have to hit this project hard to get it done.

Budget patio makeover

 So we could enjoy it!

I tried to wait until the large mulberry tree stopped producing and dropping berries, but two weeks has gone by and I can't wait any longer.

Beautiful backyard makeover on a budget

do it yourself backyard makeover on a budget; taking a sand dune and turning it into an oasis

 The rock patio we put in is doing beautifully. I now have visions of where a future tree is gong to go and more beautiful hydrangeas to line this patio area.

Backyard Patio on a Budget

 I stepped out of my color scheme and added lots of blues. I always like seeing blue outside and it reminds me of cool water and a nice sunny beach.

The fountain is still working like a champ. Every time I turn it on, it just lulls me into a nice relaxing mode. 

Backyard Patio on a Budget

Flea market Junk Gardens

 Half of the furniture is brand new, the other half we already had. If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know I have been scrounging for years and now I am in my happy place that I can finally show off my flea market junk or my rusty creations! 

The old galvanized tubs, the rusty trellis. The new metal buckets I got for a steal and they are now being aged to match my antiques.

Formal backyards

The coffee table is actually my old dining table that used to be outside. Greg cut the legs down and now we have a huge table to prop our feet up or put a cold drink on. The sofa table behind the couch was an old sofa table metal base I had inside, but Greg added wood to the rusting base and it sits behind the couch, completely matching the coffee table.

Backyard Design Ideas

Backyard Ideas

The chairs I have had for years. They just got a new coat of flat black paint as a touch up. The cushions are also ones I already had. Luckily they match the new couch I bought.

Backyard Ideas

Budget Makeovers for the Backyard

Flea market gardening

Rusty container gardens

The backyard is coming together so well, you'd think I planned it that way. 

Budget patio makeover