Porch - Summer 2017

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Sitting on my shaded front porch in summertime is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day.

It's my zen place.

Don't get me wrong, I adore our backyard space we recently completed.

But in my blonde mind it is a tad more work to sit out there. Mainly because of two factors. The dog and the umbrella. 

Decorating Ides for the Porch

In the back, the dog has full access to me and my lap, to which he thinks he owns. On the porch however, he's normally not out there. I tend to keep this a dog free zone.

Which brings me to number two. The umbrella.

This porch is already shaded by the roof.

Summer Porch

It's as quick and simple as opening a door and putting my drink on the table and sitting down. Life can't get any easier then that!

After a long day, I'd say we all deserve that. 

Patio Ideas

Porch Ideas for Summer

The backyard is dominated by blues and taupe, but here I stuck to my favorites.

Purple; of course, & black and white with some green thrown in too. There is nothing here that I did not already own, I simply just switched things around inside and found what I needed.

With all the $$$ flying out for the backyard it's nice to not have to do the same for the front.

But to be honest, I am going through some department store withdrawals. I haven't been to a Home Goods since April.


Yes that's a record for me. I usually wander around there once a week.

Decorating Ideas

Porch Decor

It's a rare occasion to sit out here and not have a nice breeze keep you cool.

Porch Decor

It's a great place to plan future parties and BBQ's this summer. Speaking of these I'm looking forward to having several to really enjoy all the DIY hard work we have put in this house.

Front Porch

Porch Decorating Ideas

Here is to a long sweet summer with cool breezes and great family memories outdoors.