Tablescape using blue and white

Setting an eclectic style bohemian table seemed to fit my mood today.  

I saw the boho table runner still laying around after the last time I used it and wasn't ready to tuck it away in the closet yet.

Summer Tablescape

The rustic clock is a new change for the dining room. I found it on clearance at Hobby Lobby for twelve dollars. For that price I don't care if it works or not. It is giving a nice impact in this room. Plus I like to think that time stands still in this room when people are eating.

Lingering is encouraged at the dinner table.

Bohemian Tablescape

Speaking of impact did you hear a loud pop? That was the top of Greg's head popping off.

Because I did it again, apparently.
My neighbor had some minor damage done to his house due to falling limbs. So when the tree service showed up all loaded to do some serious tree pruning for him, I put on the southern charm for Mr. Tree Boss.

Because if you read my Gardening Posts you know I have a dreaded Mulberry Tree in my backyard giving me grief. So after some savvy negotiating for cold hard cash, I got them to cut down the worst tree in our yard. 

I paid them to "drop it" safely and leave me sections no longer then 8 feet and they did a perfect job. They charged me one quarter of what they'd normally charge. But they are not hauling away the tree or cleaning it up, we are.

Dining Table set with boho chic style for entertaining

Until Greg came home right in the middle of it. Because ya see this whole barter, negotiation, payment and tree cutting happened in the space of a really really fast 15 minutes.

Now you know as a wife there is no time to make a phone call to alert the spouse, when this type of situation arises. It's act fast or lose out. 

Well I never lose on a terrific price!

So when he pulls up in the middle of the afternoon and sees several trucks, a huge chipping machine and several handsome young men all hovering around me and the new hole in the sky?

Entertaining in style

He kinda wonders what the hell I did now.

Well after 20 years of living with me, his first sentence has evolved from "What the hell have you done now"
"Uhh what's going on?"

Bohemian Tablescape for Summer

But I still enjoy the look on his face! Especially when he is glaring right at me and I yell Taa Daa!

I could have yelled whoopee, but taa daa emphasizes how happy this blonde is that she will no longer be getting hit in the head with mulberries.

Bohemian Tablescape for Summer

Besides, no matter how mad they get, a nice dinner always calms a person down anyways right? 

Besides, I warned him twenty years ago...

You never know what will be waiting for ya when you come home to me.

Bohemian Tablescape for Summer

Did he think I was kidding?

Taa Daa!

Bohemian theme decor on the dining table for summer entertaining.