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 Flowerbed makeover; a gardeners prerogative when things aren't bringing her the joy she wants.

It all started with dividing up some Lemon Grass that only after one year got positively huge.

It actually was blocking my way to the garden hose and was becoming really irritating. So before I knew it, I was mumbling to the grass, like it would understand why it's owner was jabbing a pitchfork underneath it to yank it out and divide it up.


 Kind of like an apology but not really apologizing. I knew wherever it landed would be a much better spot. All 5 clumps!

Replanting those spurned a whole new relocation program for some daylilies that I thought would have more impact if they were grouped closer together.

Flowerbed Ideas

 I tried to take a close up of the red coreopsis but it was rather windy. So this is the best I could get.

Lace cap hydrangea

 I also trimmed up a lace cap hydrangea bush last week and it paid me back by slowly giving me a few flowers.

You'll notice behind the hydrangea I have a new piece of metal, thanks to Greg.

I kept hoping for some 9 foot tall 2 foot wide evergreen to be dropped in my lap to disguise the 4x4 behind the garage. It suddenly occurred to me instead of trying to buy a living screen, why not see if we had some scrap to make one.

So within 30 minutes, hubby had this up between the shed and the garage.

Garden Makeover for the flowerbeds

 It doesn't cover the entire area, but it does divert the eye pretty good.

Zone 5 Garden Ideas

Hiding behind the arborvitae I found a tiny little echinacea all scrawny and begging for some sunlight. So I planted that right out front and hopefully it will bounce back fast.

Garden Makeover

Garden Bed Ideas



Below you will see the rock border slowly moving outward. That's me, day by day enlarging this bed to include those new finds in front of the shed. The whisky barrel planters.

I told Greg the reason for the expansion of this bed was purely to make his life easier when cutting the grass on his new riding mower.

Flea market garden ideas

 Think he bought it?

Yeah me neither. But he didn't argue, so that's something.

Flea market garden ideas

Flowerbed makeover

 I took a quick picture of the patio without the mulberry tree that got cut down on Thursday.

It sure looks different without the tree there! I miss the shade but as even beginner gardeners know, you never plant a tree that close to your house.

Especially next to my sewer pipes that go out to the street. That's not a problem I need, nor care to learn about.


Patio ideas

 Ten minutes is all it took and the tree was down, berries and all.

Now we get to spend the next 3 weekends cutting up and stacking it so it can dry and we can burn it next year.

Cutting down a tree

 Some of it can be put out front when our city does leaf and branch pickup. 

It becomes free compost.
Cutting down a tree

If any of you would like some free kindling or firewood, all you have to do is ask!