DIY Rustic Sofa Table Project

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DIY Project - a cheap but stylish sofa table

Hi everyone!

I've been having an urge to buy a longer sofa table to fit my 8 foot sofa. While browsing online, shocked at the prices for furniture, I came across some great building plans to make one.

So guess what we did on Saturday?

DIY Project - a cheap but stylish sofa table 
 The plan we used is from Ana-White and you can see the complete tutorial if you scroll scroll scroll (on her site) to read: 
Ana-White DIY Sofa Table Plans. This one was the best at the materials list and step by step.

FYI - We used pine wood and total cost for the wood, screws and stain came to about $65. Not bad considering store bought ones this long are hundreds of dollars!

The total project time for us was 6 hours and that includes staining it. (not the actual drying time) So this diy can be done in one day. 

DIY Projects that are cheap and easy!

It's kind of difficult to get a really good picture of it in it's current home, but I did my best. It makes me want to rearrange the furniture again. But just to ease the hubster into it, I might wait til he goes to work.

Build a sofa table in a day!

I love that's its much longer, thus enabling me to put two lamps flanking either end. Tomorrow I will dig out a indoor extension cord and fix the lamp cords so they are less visible.

DIY Weekend Project

I may also take the blinds down and give them a new look also.

Something tells me this is going to spawn a couple of new looks in the living room. Oh well, its been 4 months since I washed my curtains anyways. They're due.

Living room decor

I used a dark walnut stain on pine wood and I am loving the look. It's looking very rustic. 

When this table is close by my coffee table the colors can relate, so I like that a lot!

Do It Yourself Project

I'm a big fan of repeating colors in increments. Especially wood tones. It gives balance to a room.

I didn't load this up with knick knacks, I am kind of letting the piece talk to me for a day or two.

Especially since I may be moving furniture around so we can see it a bit better.

DIY Project

Sofa Table DIY

Weekend warrior diy project

I am completely loving the amount of storage I am getting out of this too. I am already getting ideas of putting throws on the shelves for Fall.

Sofa Table DIY Project

Sofa Table DIY Project

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great week my friends!