Fall Front Porch Decor

How to decorate a small porch or patio with huge Fall Impact

Its that time of year folks, I'm calling it, FALL. The forecast here in NW Indiana has been orangey tipped leaves, nights in the fifties and days in the low 70's. Now I know there maybe some weather folks out there saying I'm wrong.

But they don't count, mainly because most of them are men, and we all know how often they're right!

I say that tongue in cheek of course ;-) But this old gal is still calling it Fall, because then I get to premiere my porch all decorated.

And in record time too. I'm getting better every season at this. Or, I'm buying better quality pieces that make a bigger impact? Hmmm, maybe that's it.

How to decorate a small porch or patio with huge Fall Impact

The latest acquisition is the metal clock I found. The bonus is, it comes with a weirdo magnet episode.

For those of you that are new around here occasionally I have an encounter that I like to attribute to having a "weirdo magnet" on my behind. It's been awhile since it reared it's ugly head but apparently it's back.

It started with a wreath. Ya see, I fell in love with a wreath at HomeGoods. Bought the wreath, hung the wreath, and loved it. Loved it so much, I went back for a second one to hang on the brick for my front porch.

How to decorate a small porch or patio with huge Fall Impact

So the second wreath was in my cart when I spied this clock. A clock with no hands. They still had it marked at full price, so a huntin I went for an associate, to get it marked down. I quickly found two associates stocking the shelves and showed them my find.

They tried to explain to moi, that it came in that way. To which I said yeah that is probably true, but it's still damaged. See the hole? There's supposed to be little arms poking thru for clock hands.

One woman replied: "I think it's like a lot of things we sell here. Ya know, just for decoration?"

To which my smart ass replied back: So the empty hole in the middle is what? Air circulation that I just get to pay for? 

Ma'am I'm pretty sure it came to us that way. So I don't think we can mark it down, it could be used as a tray or wall art. 

"Yeah", I scoffed, "and the word printed on the front is just graffiti right? See this word here, the one that says CLOCK. Nevermind ma'am, it's been a slice" and I walked away.

How to decorate a small porch or patio with huge Fall Impact

Not letting their inexperience mask my delight in finding something so much better for the brick wall on the porch, I went directly to the top.

The front counter! 

They happily marked it down and away me and my new "clock" went.

How to decorate a small porch or patio with huge Fall Impact

I laughed all the way home, reliving their faces as they tried to argue the whys and why nots of marking it down.

Cute fall porches

I filled an antique olive bucket with long stems of a hydrangea tree I cut way back. I also added clippings of Russian Sage. I went for a look that says "no thought put into dropping these flowers in here what so ever"

and I think I nailed it.

Fall Decor Ideas

I hit JoAnn's and bought 3 yards of black and white flannel to use for a pillow and one throw. I also bought some deep purple sunflowers there too, that I am absolutely loving.

Fall Porch and Patio Decorating Ideas

Fall front porch

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How to decorate a small front porch

A couple of cheap plastic pumpkins got spray painted purple and I called it done.

Using a timeless black and white color scheme with pops of fall color really spruces up this small and cozy front porch for Fall.

I'm loving this black and white color scheme on my porch. I can add one new color for each season and leave the key pieces in place.

Fall Mums

I found a huge mum at Costco for half the cost of what the garden centers are selling them for, so the tri-color mum also followed me home.

She got parked in my other olive bucket.

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Here's the wreath that I had to have.

I added just a few tiny pops of purple, so it could relate to the rest of my porch.

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Fall front porch decorating ideas

I made record time on this, 6 hours from start to finish. I think I deserve a cold drink and a meal that I don't have to cook.

Decorating a small porch for Fall