Fall Table Decorations

Fall Table Decorations | 

Entertaining Ideas for Fall

Hi guys!

I'm playing with color and texture for Fall and thought you'd like to see it. So here is a Fall table I did in the midst of working on our Hallway DIY project.

Entertaining Ideas for Fall

Which is coming along very nicely. I have 3 brand new gallons of paint waiting to go onto the ceiling, walls, trim and closet. So blue is a color scheme on my radar right now, especially since a grayish blue is the color I chose for the hallway.

Table decor for Fall

For the table however, I am playing up on browns, blues and a mix of fall colors too. I scattered some mini pumpkins around the table and dropped some colorful corn into glass jars for interest.

Fall Decor

Table Setting

Setting the table

Every fall I say I am going to grow my own pumpkins next year and I have a reminder going off in my cell phone saying "order pumpkin seeds" and every time I am deep in diy mode or on vacation and think, "not now", "too busy".

Maybe next year.

Isn't that always what happens with all of us? We get busy.

Fall Tablescape

Well hopefully I set the reminder in 2018 at a time when I will be in the right mood and spot to get them ordered. I think it'd be fun to try and grown pumpkins, so if ya'll have any tips please share!

Fall Table Decorations

Well, unfortunately I think I have played around long enough and need to get back to working on my linen closet. 

So glad you stopped by though, hope you're having a great day!