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How to organize a small linen closet

Organizing a linen closet does not have to be time consuming, nor does it have to be expensive. I found out a few tricks while completely over hauling mine, and I thought maybe you might find them useful.

Or at the very least you'd get a laugh out my of antics. So grab a drink and have a seat while I show you the before and the after of my linen closet organization woes.

I know a lot of homes may not have the amount of closet space mine does, but I use every inch wisely. I don't take it for granted. I don't believe in storing every day items like toilet paper in my garage or basement and the same goes for food. I work hard at storing what I need.....where I need it.  So when I saw how awful my hallway linen closet had gotten, it was time to purge and clean house.

I had things like pictures in frames, random dishes that wouldn't fit in my china cabinet. Plus I also had about 5 sheet sets that needed to go bye bye.
 So after a massive purge I pulled everything that was left out of the closet and had Greg cut the shelves down to a better size.

Each shelf used to be the entire depth of this closet, so the top shelf was the worst. Plus I could barely reach it. I have 5 shelves in here, so what we did was cut the shelves down in staggered sizes. The top two shelves we cut in half. Shelves 3 and 4 we only cut back 25 percent. so starting at the top the shelves graduate outward. The bottom shelf is still it's original size.

Even before I bought the bins I had a much easier time accessing the top shelf.

I started by buying 3 fabric bins. I also bought a black paper labels from the dollar bin at Micheal's and a white chalk marker to label them. The rattan baskets I found at Aldi's for a steal, so I snagged 4.

How to organize a small linen closet

I started by seeing where the remaining 6 sheet sets would fit, and their pillow case partners. I also started labeling.

And I hated it! My handwriting sucks, there was too many colors going on, it still looked like chaos. I was however, proud of using my old purple bins, that used to hold napkins and napkin rings. Which have long since been donated to a local thrift store.

So after giving this closet a good long stare, I knew I was going to have to do something I only thought happened in new home construction.

I was going to have to paint it. So, one coat later:

I also threw the black paper labels in the trash. I gave myself a brownie for trying to save ten bucks though. I spray painted the Aldi's baskets to a nice crisp white and gave the closet a 2nd coat of paint. That's when the magic started to happen. Painting the baskets and the closets did the trick!

I found some amazing wood labels that are white washed at Michael's Craft Store, although I had to visit two different stores to get the twelve I needed.

That's my tips #1 - use a system that is not permanent. I treated myself to a thirty dollar label maker to make my labels, instead of hand writing them. If it happens that a bin changes, I can peel off the label and re-do it. The labels I used are the clear labels with black lettering.

And here's another tip no one tells you. Those tall fabric bins you can buy at any store, even Walmart? They can hold two queen sheet sets or 3 if you stuff them in there. And those are deep enough the sheets won't poke out to be seen.

Too many colors in one space means chaos, so have something deep enough to hide your sheets if you have different colors. 

How to organize a small linen closet

Since doing a huge purge of all the crap - goodies, I now have a lot of empty bins that I am now going to be filling with items from other spots in my house. Like my junk drawer.

I purged that also and now can store the batteries and light bulbs in here, as well as a spare flashlight.

How to organize a small linen closet

How to organize a small linen closet

I created a layout below so you can see exactly where I put things and how many bins are actually empty too.

Linen Closet Layout organizer

How to organize a small linen closet

If the bin is empty, I have not labeled it yet. I also have been buying plastic tackle boxes from the dollar tree. I put all my nails, screws and picture hanging supplies in there. One of the presents Greg got me for my birthday is a tool bag. That will probably go in here too. I put my small tools in that, along with my glue gun and glue sticks and small sewing kit.

How to organize a very small linen closet

 Our filing cabinet also got hit with the purge storm.  To keep us on track with only keeping ten years worth of taxes and etc, I now put them in here. I also put other records we need, as well and pictures that aren't in frames.

How to organize a very small linen closet

Other things I can put in these empty bins are my vacuum cleaner attachments. 

On the top shelf I put things we don't use that often. I switch out my curtains sometimes, so I have 4 pair of my old living room curtains in one bin and a blanket for the Master Bedroom.

From drab to Fab How to organize your linen closet.

From drab to Fab How to organize your linen closet.

From drab to Fab How to organize your linen closet.

Organizations Tips and tricks

I see a lot of empty bins I can now fill.

Even Greg loves it. That shocked me! He still won't fold a fitted sheet though.

Organizations Tips and tricks

Another goodie I purchased was an door organizer. It is going to hold a roll of paper towels for misc. cleaning and my broom, mop.

Organizations Tips and tricks

I love this thing, I wish I had seen it years ago!

I am still going to buy all new purple brooms and mops and stuff, but that can happen slowly.
I have the majority done with this closet.

Organizations Tips and tricks

OK let me share cost.

The white fabric bins I have 2 different sizes. 

3 Medium - 11.99 each "At Home" Store
3 small - 7.99 each "At Home" Store
Door organizer  (tract, basket and hooks) 33.00 Home Depot
Baskets - 4 at 4.99 each Aldi's
3 large flat boxes 10.99 each "At Home" Store
Purple bins - already owned
Labels - .99 each Michael's Craft Store

Well I hope this inspires you to pick a closet or even just a drawer and get it organized to make your life easier.

Have a great day!