No Flowers Needed Tablescape

Setting the Dining Table using what you have

Entertaining season has officially hit. This is when friends and family are going to be getting together more and eating delicious foods.

Halloween is over and peak season is upon us bloggers. Or the "thug" life as I heard it referred too as recently.

(btw) Thanks for the laugh by calling it that  Barbara, I needed the laugh. This is the time where we start testing recipes, making plans, and having parties for family and friends.

Fall Table

I am gearing up for meal planning, gift buying, the whole nine yards. So doing a fall tablescape really wasn't on my to do list today.
Especially after I saw the same old bunch of flowers at my local grocer. It was not very inspiring I have to say. I may have to start hitting a local florist shop.

Creative Tablescape Idea for Fall Entertaining

But their veggie section, now that's a different story. I had forgotten about using carrots as a centerpiece, until I saw these with the tops still on.

Just asking to be taken home.

Creative Tablescape Ideas

I guess I didn't need flowers after all.

Tablescape Ideas

It took longer to find a vessel for them to fit in then to make the centerpiece.

Farmhouse Tablescape

Dining Table

When I'm done, I can roast them and get my whopping four dollars worth that I paid for them.

Entertaining Ideas

Tablescape for Fall

I also bought a couple of turnips, but those will not get eaten I have never acquired a taste for those, but they are pretty to look at.

Fall table setting Ideas

I hope this inspires you to step out the box and try to use something different for your next centerpiece.

Creative centerpiece idea for entertaining