Fall Garden Tour

Fall Garden Tour

Garden Photos

Taking some pictures of my flowerbeds in Fall always inspires me for the next season.

I always have dreams of Spring blooms, fresh colors and new textures that are going to arise when the snow melts.

Usually by this time a lot of us who spend our time gardening are a bit tired of it all. I am no exception. But I will share this, I am noticing that I am not as tired as I was in past years. Largely due to the fact that I put my front yard on a drip system, and I wasn't out watering every single day.

Fall Garden Photos

So it definitely was money well spent! I added a Blue Point Juniper (see below) around September that in a few years will be about 2 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet tall. 

Blue Point Juniper

Once it gets taller, I think it's going to add some gorgeous blue color to the flowerbed. I have an identical one in the back flanked by two large hydrangeas.

I tried to find more but had no luck sadly.

Ranch Garden Photos

Shrubs for great texture in the flowerbeds

I am currently debating on how to put my flowerbeds to bed this year. Do I prune now on bushes and shrubs that can be, thereby making Spring easier?

Or do I leave the hydrangeas and dried onion tops for winter interest.


Decisions decisions!

Garden Tour

 I think what I will do is do some pruning on about half of what will need it. In my mind maybe that's the best.

I can still wander out here in the dead of Winter and take a photo or two, trying to find the true beauty of a winter garden.


Updated Ranch Home

 Our night times temps have now started to fall below 40, so it won't be long now until frost comes to visit.


 It seems like every year the sedum gets a darker pink to celebrate Fall.

Of course like any Mom, I could be bias that mine is the prettiest.

Sedum for Fall color

Fall Garden Tour

Fall Garden Tour

 The hydrangeas are no exception this year. These shots don't even do them justice. They are actually darker in person.

It shocks me every year how deep pink they can get without going red.

Fall Garden Tour

Fall Garden Tour

Well that's it for the front yard, hopefully today I can get out back and take some pictures while burning some wood. Since taking down the old mulberry tree, we still have a ton of it to get rid of.

It might be easier to install a fireplace then try to give it away for free. 

Now THAT sounds like the best excuse for an outdoor fireplace if I ever heard one.